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Spanglish Vlog

Spanglish Vlog

I have spent the weekend doing something a little different from my usual vlogging. I created a Spanglish Vlog - the majority of the vlog is in English with Spanish words and phrases (subtitled in English) thrown in along the way. This has been one of those little ideas that has gnawed away at me for the past year, upon telling Ross Vlogs, a fab vlogger, he told me to just go for it! So I have. Of course, with me, nothing is as simple as it seems. My other half Fraser is currently learning Spanish. He practices quite a bit when he's here in Barcelona, however when he heads home he has no one to practice with, and quite frankly little time to practice. It got me thinking that this could help him, and others who are learning Spanish. Even those who wish to delve into their minds from way back when they did their Spanish A-Levels and dust that skillset off again.

I've been a language teacher for the past nine years, and I now specialise in teaching English via drama. So having an educational project to work on, really gets my mind whirling. Watching someone speak in Spanish with English subtitiles isn't enough. We need to recycle the vocabulary and phrases we've learned in order to remember them. We need to recyle them A LOT more as we get older too.

I have students from the age of three right up to retired students. The kids pick new vocab up in seconds, they're like little sponges. But adults can take, three, four, five, ten times longer than the kids to pick up and correctly remember new vocab.

The Spanglish Vlog project is a little trial. If it goes well and you lovely people think you'd be up for watching me prance around in a vlog whilst throwing in a few Spanish words here and there, I will set it up properly.

Each vlog will include :

  • English subtitles when I speak in Spanish.
  • A podcast with the vocabulary and phrases featured in the vlog to practice with on your way to work, whilst you're cleaning, in the car or before you nod of to sleep.
  • A printable vocabulary and phrases sheet.
  • A printable worksheet with answers.

The vlogs, podcast and printable vocabulary and phrases sheet will always remain free of charge. I would add on a very minimal fee for the optional downloadable worksheet with the answers. It would not be obligatory to buy this. This project would be seperate from my personal blog and Youtube channel.

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this, as I don't know if it is something people would be interested in or enjoy doing. If you could trial out the vlog, podcast and printables I would love you forever and definitely owe you a cup of tea!!

The vlogs won't be exactly like this one as I kind of go off on a tangent about what I'm doing... I'll come up with ideas, get out and about and focus on particular vocablary, however they will always be real life and never staged. As a teacher I like to teach useful vocabulary and phrases. The Spanglish Vlogs will never include grammar or hardcore lessons - they will just be a fun, alternative way of learning a little Spanish.

I would like to publish an episode once a week to give everyone time to practice their new words a little every day. The podcasts will be around 10 minutes long and everyone has 10 minutes they can spare if they really want to improve their Español!

To let me know you're interested in The Spanglish Vlog and receive an e-mail if/once it launches please sign up to the mailing list here:

* indicates required

You will be sent a verification email to check that you actually want to be notified of the launch, this may go to your spam folder. You will need to confirm by clicking the link in the email.

If you got this far, thank you so much for sticking with me, I do tend to waffle on a bit. Here is the first ever Spanglish Vlog:


The podcast will be made available by searching on Itunes within the next two days, however whilst we wait for you can click here to subscribe on iTunes or listen below.

[audio mp3="http://pe-ta.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Podcast-1.mp3"][/audio]


You can download the Spanglish Vlog printables here. They look like this:



If you do try it out, I would appreciate your feed back so much - good or bad! You can comment below, email me peta@pe-ta.com, tweet me or comment on Instagram.


Peta x



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