Spanglish Vlogs Episode 4 10 Días

This is my favourite Spanglish Vlogs episode yet. I hope I say this every time as it means that I am continuously improving. You may have noticed that this has gone live on a Thursday instead of a Sunday. I realised that so many people upload on a Sunday, so this little vlog probably gets lost in the masses. From now on I'll be uploading Spanglish Vlogs on a Thursday instead! You may have also noticed a lack of worksheets and printables this week and last week. After talking to a few of you joining in on the Spanglish Vlogs, I discovered that you don't really have time to do the worksheets or listen to the podcast. You just want to pick up a little Spanish on the side for now whilst watching the videos. For the time being I'm going to put all of my energy into making the videos as good as I possibly can. I'll also share my favourite Spanish words from each vlog, images which you can save as backgrounds on your phone if you wish.

This week's Spanglish Vlog is all about my 10 days back in Cornwall. I love visiting my family and friends when I head back, enjoying cup of tea after cup of tea and taking in the British sea air. My favourite words from this week's vlog are three of my favourite things in English too!

Here is this week's Spanglish Vlog, what is your favourite word featured in the vlog?