Spanglish Vlogs - Episode 5 - Our Favourite Spanish Words

In this week's Spanglish Vlogs I visit a gorgeous peach market close to home. It's an area of Catalunya where they grow all of the peaches for the region. When you buy a box of peaches you're given tickets for complementary glasses of cava which is very nice indeed! I didn't sample the cava as I'm currently not drinking alcohol - read more here about why.  My friends asked if Adam and I would be up for modelling for them as they needed photos for their company's new website, a posh picnic full of yummy food was more than enough to tempt us! We had such a lovely time and chatted about our favourite word's in Spanish. For us, it all came down to the sounds in the word more than it's direct translation... apart from the Spanish word for sloth!

Creating a picnic on a bench in a secluded area covered by the shade of the trees above was so special. Picnics are one of my favourite things to do, I even love a picnic at home on the floor in the living room! I'm a bit strange like that... We took some lovely photo's, so I thought I'd show you a few. You can find the Spanglish Vlog video at the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoy this week's Spanglish Vlogs, I'd love to know what your favourite word is.


Peta x