Spanglish Vlogs Episode 6 Nada Es Para Siempre - Nothing Is Forever

This week's Spanglish Vlog is about how things are always changing. I walked around my garden and sat down on The Thinking Wall - a wall that I tend to sit on and think about pretty much everything and anything. As I looked around me I noticed the leaves changing colour. Almonds ripening and beginning to fall off along with figs and apples too.

The words "Nada es para siempre" - "Nothing is forever" came into my mind. At first it saddened me a little, but then I thought how freeing it can be when we apply it to our lives.

Nothing is forever. When life is throwing you all of the good things, the amazing happy moments and incredible opportunities, appreciate it all, because nothing lasts forever. Similarly, when life is a little tough, just remember, nothing last forever, it will soon change.

I hope you like this video. I know they seem to be changing and evolving constantly. This one is my favourite yet. I believe they still serve their purpose of teaching a little Spanish on the side, but I want to make them as interesting and captivating as possible. Having a story or message to tell, is really important to me. I hope I've captured that in this week's Spanglish Vlog.

I would love to hear what you think, here is Episode 6 - Nada Es Para Siempre:

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Nothing Lasts Forever Nada Es Para Siempre.