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The Story Of Arthur Cat

The Story Of Arthur Cat


Once upon a time, on a warm summer morning, a little orange kitten sat meowing on a large gravel driveway. The little orange kitten meowed and meowed, until he woke the young lady sleeping in the ground floor flat, that belonged to the driveway. She sat up in her comfy bed, stretched her arms, and yawned a very big yawn before getting up, and padding barefoot into her living room where early morning sunlight streamed through the curtains. Rubbing her eyes she listened carefully after hearing another little meow.


"Oh dear." She said walking quickly through the dining room and opened her front door. As she walked over the small stones covering the drive (still barefoot) she exclaimed "ouch! ouch! ouch!" (She may have possibly used stronger words than that, but this is a once upon a time story after all...)  

She came to an abrupt halt as she heard yet another meow, just a few steps away from her stood a little orange kitten. Now, most young ladies would love to discover a little orange kitten on their drive, but this young lady already had three cats and wasn't in the market for any more.

"Off you go!" She said as she shooed the little orange kitten away. "There's no more room in this inn!"

The little orange kitten scuttled away and the young lady hobbled back into her home in the most un-lady like of ways.  "MEOW" she heard as she flicked the switch on the kettle. She sighed and looked out of the window, there, sat boldly on her orange tiled patio was the little orange kitten.

"No, no, no, no, no" the young lady groaned, "I can't become a crazy cat lady". Little did she know, she already was. She walked towards the little orange kitten who quickly scurried away.


"Time to make that cup of tea" The young lady whispered to herself. Unfortunately for her, the peace and quiet she thought she'd be enjoying on this lovely Sunday morning was not to be, the little orange kitten returned six more times.

The young lady, thinking that a neighbor would take pity on the little orange kitten, decided the best thing to do was to go out for the morning. Surely when she arrived home he would be gone.


Upon arriving home later that day, the young lady was pleased to find no sign of the little orange kitten. Relieved, she fumbled around in her bag searching for her house keys, after a minute or so of finding everything but her house keys in her handbag full of wonders, (old receipts, hair clips, pen tops and (non) essential random bits and bobs) she located the keys and opened the shiny green door.


Stepping over the threshold, she noisily plonked her bag on the dining room table, closed the door behind her and wandered into the kitchen to take a look in her fridge. She often opened her fridge expecting a wide array of delicious food to have magically appeared since the last visit, this had yet to happen. As her hand touched the handle she heard a meow much like the meow she'd heard that morning, except slightly closer.

She turned around, only to catch a glimpse of a little orange tale disappearing under her black sofa. "Oh no! HOW?!" she exclaimed hurrying into her living room to discover the window wide opened. She had forgotten to close the window that morning before she left the flat.

The young lady peered under the sofa and saw the little orange kitten staring boldly back at her. "Meow" he said rather grumpily. She tried to touch him but he scooted back a little further. Dashing back to the kitchen she hastily placed some cat food on a saucer and raced back to where the little orange kitten hid.

Her plan was to lure the kitten out with the food and feed it right at the end of the drive, but, before she knew what was happening, the little orange kitten was greedily eating all of the cat food as quickly as he could. It broke the young lady's heart to see how hungry the little orange kitten was.

"Okay, okay, you can have a little more food and then you must be on your way" she told him.


The kitten ate as much as he could and darted to the very back of the sofa where the young lady couldn't reach him. No matter what she tried, she never managed to lure him out long enough to catch him. He would eat the food quickly and run back under. This continued for six weeks.


At the end of the sixth week of feeding the little orange kitten under the sofa, the young lady had given up hope of ever catching him and being able to re-home him. One late evening as she stood in the kitchen the little orange kitten carefully rubbed up against her leg. As soon as he saw that she had noticed, he quickly took himself back to his hiding spot. Little by little, each day the little orange kitten became more confident. Eight weeks after his arrival he let the young lady stroke him. "Little orange kitten, I think I'll name you Arthur." She said softly to him.


A year later and the little orange kitten is now a little orange cat, he follows the young lady every where she goes. He loves cuddles, really enjoys trips to the washing line and his favourite past time is catching water as it comes out of the tap.


Sometimes in life you don't get to choose the souls that will accompany you on your journey. Sometimes they choose you.

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heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life

heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life