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The Story Of Katie Cat

The Story Of Katie Cat


Once upon a time, in a garden in Spain a family's German Shepard became obsessed with a hedge. She cried quietly at the hedge all morning, running to get her owners and show them the hedge. She buried deep in the hedge each time in a very gently and careful fashion. In the end, after a whole day of hedge obsession the owners decided to check the hedge out, as they did the German Shepard pushed past them and carefully pulled out, one at a time and by the scruff of their necks, two three day old kittens. (She's a very special dog with a heart of gold when it comes to baby animals.) Being softies that they were, the family quickly took them in. The mother said that she'd look after one of the kittens and named her Alice. The oldest daughter said she'd have the other and named her Katie. (That's me by the way...)

So Katie cat was welcomed into my life, little did I know I'd be writing about her ten years later as shes sat next to me, perched on my iPad cleaning her front paws. (I will never understand her need to sit on top of technology, why Katie why?!)

As Katie was so tiny I had to bottle feed her every two to three hours until she was three months old. She would grab onto the bottle with her little paws and guzzle the milk, quickly falling into a milk coma and sleeping for a few hours before demanding a feed again.


Katie became my shadow when she was old enough to walk around, she began to climb up my legs and balance on my shoulders. I ended up giving in and walking around with her like that.

If I'd have known it would become her "thing" I'd have never have let her do it in the first place. Kate likes to sit across people's shoulders, and is very insistent upon it. If she picks you to sit on, you don't have much say in the matter.

She is now fourteen years old, she's seen boyfriends come and go, watched me grow up, leave school and enter the job world. She moved into my flat with me, oversaw the goings on as I unpacked my suitcases and gradually filled our home with little trinkets and bits and bobs. She has witnessed other cats come and go, and deeply despised the arrival of Arthur Cat.

She's been banned from sleeping in bed with me as she feels the need to wake me up pretty much every hour to let me know that she's there by tapping my on the face with her paw and nuzzling into my head over and over and over again. This is cute at first and becomes very frustrating as the night wears on. She's also been banned from sitting and wandering over the kitchen counter and dining table - she does not respect this ban.

She is never far from my side, loves to be cuddled, enjoys being picked up in such a way that she can stretch and her favourite food is a dry food made for kittens of 1-3 months old.

She is one of the loveliest, prettiest little cats I have ever come across and I wouldn't change her for the world.

I used to have photo upon photo of Katie as a kitten but I seem to have lost them all which makes me so sad! However I did find quite a few recent ones of her for this post!

Peta x

Wednesday 8th November 2016 | Wonderful Wednesday

It's nice to hear nice things for a change

It's nice to hear nice things for a change