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The Story Of Tina Cat

The Story Of Tina Cat


Gosh I'm having a bit of a cat lady week this week aren't I! Now the story of Tina cat is a little different to Arthur's Story and Katie's Story because although I've known Tina since she was a kitten she didn't claim ownership of me until she was four. Oh yes... it is similar to Arthur's story in regards to her deciding I was to be her owner instead of me deciding she was to be my cat. Once upon a time there was a cat named Mosey, she rocked up one day in our garden and decided she was going to stay, she never wanted to be inside and just popped in to have some dinner then took herself off. We noticed she was getting rather on the large side and put it down to eating so well now that she had found us. Then she went missing for a few weeks.


We called and called but when a cat is a wild cat, and not even really yours you don't expect them to come back.  About a week later I spotted her coming up the drive, walking very cautiously with something in her mouth. She gently lay the bundle of joy, which was now meowing and quite obviously a very young kitten down next to me before running off.

Oh no I thought. Not again...

Then she came back with another, lay it gently next to the first kitten and ran off again before finally bringing the third home. She was so proud to show off her babies, it really was quite breath taking and emotional as mother cats can be very protective of their young, especially wild ones.


Each day she'd bring the cats with her as she ate her dinner before leaving. Once they were old enough to walk they would follow her up the drive and we'd lay a plate of food down for them. They were very wary and we didn't want to pick them up in case Mosey got scared and wouldn't bring them back.


The kittens quickly grew into young cats and played in the trees and the garden every day, rarely straying out of the gate. Eventually they began to rub up against your legs and enjoyed a stroke every now and then - on their terms of course. They were fondly known as the garage kids as they made their home in our warm garage and were fed there every day.

I moved into the flat below my parents and after a few weeks Tina began to poke her head in the door and meow very loudly to let me know she was there. This went on for a few days and then she began coming in. Katie wasn't amused but Tina didn't seem to care what Kate thought.


After a few more days she began barging in, demanding attention and refused to leave. If I'd put her out she'd find a different way back in through the open windows or wait for me to open the door so she could very sneakily run past.

Tina had decided that this was to be her home and three years later, the little runt of the litter who was the most scared of people, who wasn't too keen on being close to humans never mind being stroked by them, rarely leaves the flat.

She is a very loud cat who will chat to you all day long, meowing and purring all the while. If you put her out, you can bet that somehow she'll be back in within half an hour - especially in cold weather. Her favourite thing to do is sit next to me whilst I meditate. She enjoys being stroked, spoken to and absolutely hates being picked up. She loves to play with Arthur and has learned to steer clear of Katie.


I didn't want more than one cat, and somehow I ended up with three - on most people's terms this would make me a crazy cat lady, but coming home to a flat where three little fluffy faces are waiting for me is priceless.

(Mosey still lives with my parents now, she is 18 and a few years ago decided that she'd had enough of living in the garage and moved herself into their flat.)

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