Stumbling my way through the week

The past week has been never ending, I've plastered a smile on my face since Wednesday and quickly built as many walls as my little mind could muster. I've been cheerful, smiley and kept myself busy, overly compensating for the fact that I'm not sleeping, eating and  succumbing to unexpected little cries once nestled alone, safe within the four walls of my home. Life can be really tough and overwhelming sometimes, it can be so easy to give in to the horrible situations that will inevitably arise but we can choose to try. We have the power to try and improve any situation. Little by little we can build ourselves back together, albeit never the same as before. There will always be cracks, but those cracks are life lessons, they are memories and they undoubtedly make us better people. It is the toughest of times that our souls, characters and personalities blossom and grow into the people we are to become.

After stumbling my way through the latter part of the work week, I met up with my gorgeous friend Rhiân in Sitges whom I first got chatting to on Twitter. It was so lovely to just spend the afternoon gossiping, catching up and drinking red wine on the beach. Sometimes all you need is a little downtime with friends, plenty of laughter and the odd smoothie thrown in to part the clouds that cluster your mind revealing a beautiful blue sky.

Shall we take a look at a few photos I snapped this week?

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Blue blue skies, May I adore you.

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My munchkin with her scratched nose..

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When things get a little complicated, I take myself to the sea.


The absolute beaut that is Rhiân :)

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That's all for this week folk.

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