Tea, tea and more tea.

How is it that tea can make absolutely any situation better? It's not just the drinking part but the careful ritual of making tea that soothes and calms the soul. I have made dozens of cups of tea this week, I know how every family member takes their tea, discovered how handy those little cardboard cup holders are when rushing around a hospital and found that even the coffee drinkers in the family will opt for tea in troubled times. Three of my family members have found theirselves in the same hospital this week, we have cluttered up hospital rooms and wards with our over bearing, over protective souls. Bursting through doors with arms overflowing with coats, snacks, tea and flowers. (Who knew flowers aren't allowed in hospitals in the UK? Not me that's for sure.)

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Tea has united us, it has given us something to do, something to clasp our trembling numb hands around and sip when lost for words. When raising a cup of tea to your lips you're given a few precious seconds to arrange your thoughts, consider how you feel and search for those carefully spoken words of reassurance you know are needed now more than ever.

It may not solve the problems we face, it may not cure terrible illnesses and it may not be the answer to the unfortunate situations we find ourselves in but it does make everything that teeny, tiny, little bit better.

I think it's time to pop the kettle on again.