Teacher Rambles

I'm in a rambly mood.Spell check is telling me that rambly isn't a word. Well spell check, today it is. It's Wednesday and it honestly feels like it should be Friday, I'm exhausted and I know it's time to stop. This weekend I have no plans, I have made it very very clear to my gorgeous, lovely, wonderful friends that I will not, under any circumstances be gracing the dance floors of any establishment this weekend.

We're so close to the end of term now, exams have been corrected, reports handed in, we're clearing out folders, handing back work, taking down posters created with pain staking concentration, adorned with swirls, hearts and flowers by little girls and cars, footballs and aliens by little boys. The posters and work will no doubt end up under a bed, crumpled and forgotten whilst their owners embrace all that is Summer.

It's been a really tough school year, a steep learning curve for all involved and I think we're running on empty. I'm a pro at running on empty in Betsy, her little petrol gauge arrow can go pretty far below the red line of death before she starts complaining. Not that I risk this...at all...ever...never. (It happens on a monthly basis.)

Teaching is an awesome job, you meet fascinating people every day, you become part of someone's life. At times you can be a person that is looked up to, on a pedestal almost at other times you can be the one person that needs to be avoided. (Specifically on assignment deadline days.)

You're the adult that teens go to for advice, even though you still feel like a teen yourself. You're the person that youngsters learn to trust. Sometimes you're the hug at the end of a really bad day, and the pat on the back saying everything will be okay. You're the inspiration, the motivation, the encouraging smile, the disappointed shake of the head, the red pen, the ticks and the crosses. You're the sensible, loyal, caring soul who always has the answers (even though inside you don't have a clue). You think on your feet, you're probably far too lenient when it comes to marking and you become an expert at getting whole classes into costume for performances.

Some times you walk into class with the mind set of changing the world, other times you just try to get through the day. You work harder then you ever thought was possible and will be pushed and annoyed far beyond your limits. You'll cry at the end of year performance when a class of little people are beaming up at you with a look of "we did it!!" on their faces. You teach through cross curricular activities meaning you're now practically an expert The Circus, Photosynthesis and General History.

The thing is I can't wait for the end of year, with 6 days to go I can feel that bubbling excitement of Summer approaching and yet a part of me doesn't want it to end. A part of me will secretly really miss my classes and the funny little stories I'm told on a daily basis. Before I know it I'll be stood in front of my students, marveling at how much they have grown and hearing about their Summer adventures.

There's something a little intimidating yet exciting about this time of year, the unknown, the unplanned and the yet to happen. I guess that's what makes Summer, Summer.