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The Amazing Cornish Maiz Maize

The Amazing Cornish Maiz Maize


On my bucket list, placed at number 65, nestled firmly between "64. Have a real Christmas tree" and 66 "Go on a yoga retreat" is "Get lost in a maze".  On Sunday we decided to tick this off the list and headed to The Amazing Cornish Maize Maiz located on Smeaton Farm a working farm on the Duchy of Cornwall estate. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, perfect for getting lost. DSC05051

The maze also had a petting farm with some fun little characters who are very friendly. My favorites were the goats and the cow. We bought some animal feed which is sold at the ticket box and I giggled away as each animal excitedly gobbled a handful in one hit. It totally made me day dream about owning my own farm animals one day.



I'd like a cow, some goats, chickens, a sheep and a donkey if possible as well as a Labrador and my three feline friends please. Not much really then Peta!



Anyway! The Maize! So, each year the Maize is based on a theme. This year we explored a Fairy Tale Maize which of course I was very enthusiastic about.  The maize is separated into two sections with a bridge in the middle. The first section requires you to collect stamps along your way. Each stamp has a letter and there are ten to collect ranging from A to J.



We set off eagerly searching for A and quickly found it, followed promptly by B and C. However we started to slow down a little whilst searching for the remaining letters and after two and a half hours we'd walked 18,000 steps and had found all of the stamps apart from E.


Tired and getting slightly irritated due to hangriness we gave in and opened the sealed envelope containing a map which was given to us at the start of the adventure. Once we located the stamp we crossed the bridge where we were given the option to go onto the second part of the maze or exit. We opted to leave as we were both worn out and possibly a little hungover from the previous night's antics.



I'd recommend visiting a maze as it is so much fun however I'd advise everyone to look at the map before it all gets a little to much for you and to take refreshments and snacks too. There is a little drinks and ice cream stall at the halfway point at this particular maze!





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