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The Blogging Friends

The Blogging Friends


Good morning lovelies, Happy Sunday! I spent the evening last night organising The Blogging Friends group. This will be a group for bloggers, youtubers and social influencers. The aim of the group is to chat to like minded people, make friends and support each other.

thebloggingfriends-copy I believe that we should surround ourselves with like minded people who lift us up and inspire us to be all that we can be and more. So hopefully this is what The Blogging Friends will be.

After a recent poll I ran on twitter, I have decided that the group will be a whatsapp based group. This is mainly because although I really love Twitter hours I find it quite difficult to make it to the hours and stay for the duration. I tend to be doing too much or get distracted by lovely blogs! With a whatsapp chat group we'll be able to check in when it's convenient for us.

As well as a chat I will also be sending out monthly newsletters with new member's info - their blogs, social media profiles etc. As well as optional monthly tasks, there will be a blog task, an Instagram task and a Twitter task each month.

slow livingAs you know, I'm rather fond of the 'what I've loved on the internet' share-y posts on a Friday. I'll be changing the name of Positive Fridays to Friendly Fridays and sharing posts, videos, instagrams and tweets from the week, that I have liked from The Blogging Friends community as well as other things I've stumbled across online. I'd love for members to join in on this too, it's also completely optional!

There will be two rules for this group:

- No link spamming - I feel like this is such an important thing as the aim of the group isn't to gain more readers or followers. It's to make like minded friends who support each other, help each other out and if from that you do gain readers or followers then that's wonderful.
- No disrespect for others - It's really nice to be nice, and if someone is rude or disrespectful to another person not only is that not very nice for the other person it can make others in the group feel rather uncomfortable.
changing routine
So there we have it! Today we're kicking off the group with the first ten members. The group will be open to new and experienced bloggers, those who blog on a regular basis and those who blog every now and then. We will also be welcoming Youtubers and social media influencers.
If you have any questions or would like to join the group please do feel free to get in touch!
I'm off to chat to some very lovely souls and enjoy my Sunday off before my favourite person arrives tomorrow for a whole week! :)
Wishing you a very relaxed and chilled Sunday.
Peta x
It's nice to hear nice things for a change

It's nice to hear nice things for a change

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