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The Christmas Work Do

The Christmas Work Do


Good morning loves, Oh this Monday is pretty easy on the old eyes isn't it, considering that (for most of us) we don't have a full work week. I am literally counting down the hours until I can throw my board pens in the end, and run out of school shouting see you in January everyone! Knowing full well that I will most likely see "everyone" at the bar within the following twenty four hours.

It was the Christmas work do on Saturday night and my what an evening it was! I am fortunate to work with an amazing team of people, there was so much laughter and plenty of games to keep us entertained all night long. We enjoyed a delicious meal, had a comical awards ceremony AND I sang a re-write of Santa Baby. Oh yeah baby, if you think your ears can withstand my drunken singing, part of the song is in Vlogmas Day 17.

I was awarded with a trophy for being great at my job, the engraved title reads "Best ETT Director EVER"

(she types ever so smuggly.)

We drank far too much wine, danced to the classics such as Time Warp, Oops Upside Your Head and The Macarena. Of course the Spice girls made an appearance too. Once dinner had ended at 1am we headed to the nearest club to dance our little socks off some more and I miraculously made it home by 3am. An absolute record for me.

I must admit I spent Sunday feeling very sorry for myself in my hungover state, I rarely drink and haven't had that much to drink since June so it got me bad, reaaaaaal bad. However, it is now just gone midnight and I'm starting to feel a little more human again, vowing never to mix drinks ever again. As you get older the hangovers get worse, I'm starting to realise that it's really not worth losing a whole day over. Especially when I can have just as good a time without the alcohol, yep I'm one of thooooose people.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, I just thought I'd share my Christmas party antics with you.

Wishing you a very Merry Monday,


Peta x

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A Festive Mug Of Yumminess

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