The Domino Effect

At 07:30 my alarm started ringing. I hit snooze. At 07:34 it had the audacity to go off again, oh hello Monday morning. I grabbed my phone and began to scroll through instagram, the only thing you really can do at such a time on a Monday morning, when you should be at the gym but sacked it off because you needed sleep. After the usual nosey and instagram stalk I peeled my sleepy head off the pillow and tiptoed into the dining room, not so much to keep the noise down (my cat's have ears like hawks) more to do with the very cold tiled floors in my flat. I fed the hungry little munchkins, let the very fluffy, very naughty black and white one in who can't be trusted  indoors at night and went about my usual morning routine.

I must say I wasn't in the most joyful of moods this morning, I was alright, but I really had that Monday morning feeling going on. I popped (threw) everything I needed into my bag, made sure the black and white one (Sharon cat) was out, s(he absolutely wrecks the place when left alone) and bundled myself into my little car.

"GOOD MOOOOOORNING UNIVERSE" I said aloud in an attempt to lift my mood, I plastered a smile on my face and thanked the universe as I drove into work. "I am grateful for..." is how I started each sentence. Within a few short minutes a genuine smile was super glued onto my face and a wonderful feeling of gratitude bubbled inside of me.

Sometimes we wake up in bad moods, in anxious moods, in a today is so not my day mood but that doesn't mean the whole day has to be like that. We have the ability to alter our mood for the better and it has a domino effect on the rest of our day.

I hope you're having a wonderfully smiley happy Monday.

Day 9 of the 1 year challenge:

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