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The People You Would Struggle To Live Without

The People You Would Struggle To Live Without


Some people come into our lives and stay for a little while, others pay fleeting visits. There are those you meet unexpectedly and get to know for short lengths of time. There are friends you meet at primary school who you gradually lose contact with, friends you encounter through your teens and those you find on your travels. There are various circles of friends, some you can mix and match and others who should most definitely stay firmly placed within their circle. There  are work friends, school friends, family friends, yoga class friends, neighbour friends and those you know randomly like the friend who works at the post office. There are friends that come and go, those that you see every now and again for a catch up and those who you see after years of being apart and nothing changes. Then there are those people that the title "friend" doesn't do them justice. Those that in some way, for lack of a better word, fall into the soul mate category, the few people on this planet that completely, unconditionally get you. They are the people I would struggle to live without.



Many describe their mother as the best mum in the world. My mum is not only the best mum in the world, she's also one of my best friends. I am unbelievably similar in personality to her, we only have to look at each other to know what the other is thinking. She is this little package of loveliness who has been at my side through thick and thin. Who taught me how to tie my laces, dance like a crazy person, believe in myself and to always stay positive. She has sat next to me for hours upon hours in hospital waiting rooms, held my hand on test result days, stroked my forehead on days that I couldn't move and made me more toast and jacket potatoes (when they were all my body would accept) than I care to admit. She has allowed me to learn from my own mistakes and always been there when things have gone slightly pear shaped. She has dared me to do outrageous things when tipsy, has accepted my own dares with as much dignity as the dare would allow, she has been my drinking partner for the past decade, my favourite dance partner for far far longer and my partner in crime for the rest of my life. She has always pushed me to follow my heart, my dreams and my crazy ideas. She has shown me that nothing is impossible, that to achieve anything you must work very hard and that there are 24 hours in a day.


My dad is one of the kindest people I know. He will do anything for anyone and is always doing little things that much of the time go unnoticed. He brings firewood around to mine every week, is forever bringing fruit and vegetables from his garden, or the neighbours and leaving them on my doorstep. He is the person I call when my DIY goes wrong, which is every time I do a spot of DIY. He is the person who rescues me when my car breaks down, the person who has stayed up all night working on some kind of project with me; there was the time I renovated a caravan, the time I wanted to turn a utility room into a kitchen and the time I wanted a new wall in my flat to name but a few. He does this and so so much more without the slightest complaint. He taught me to drive, taught me sail and made sure I learned how to fix things when they were broken. Hedrove me everywhere I needed to go from piano lessons to sailing, to and from friend's houses and he has been my savior on many a drunken night when I couldn't afford a taxi home. He supports me in all that I do, has happily accepted all of the animals I decided to adopt throughout my lifetime with open arms, and tells some of the worst jokes I have ever heard.


My baby sister. Not such a baby anymore now that she's nearly 23. Growing up Jay had two mums, our mum and me. I have always been fiercely over protective of my sister, she means everything to me. She has the ability to infuriate me more than any person I have ever known but the power to make me love more than I ever knew possible. She has grown into such a beautiful, well rounded, clever soul who is so generous. She is the person who taught me the real meaning of friendship, the person who recipe tests for me being very blunt on her opinions along the way. She is honest and loyal and makes me so proud. She looks after my fur babies when I go away and rolls her eyes when I try to talk her into doing yoga. She has always been there no matter what, picking up the pieces and gluing me back together when I have been broken, she has quite literally lifted me out of bed when I couldn't manage it alone and held me up when I my legs couldn't do the job themselves. She has amazing taste in music, a very aggressive cat and a dark but hilariously funny sense of humour.

My parents and my sister were always going to be a given on the list of people I'd struggle to live without but there are two friends who are constants in my life. The two people that after coming around from major surgery I croaked  at my sister to call. There aren't many people who you think of in that situation but these two made the list.



She is my rock, the person I would call my soul mate above any other. We got back in touch via twitter, very unexpectedly and without knowing who the other was. She is the person who I call when I just can't anymore. Somehow she knows, and she listens, she offers advice and helps me to organise, comprehend and understand this crazy life we're living. Our lives are constantly entwined, we follow the same paths even thousands of miles away from each other and even across that distance I feel like I am so close to her. I was the proudest bridesmaid in all the land on her wedding day and I am sure that when it is my turn she will be there at my side.

She not only accepts my complete over reactions but takes them very seriously :

"OMG WAFFLE I THINK SOMETHING LIFE CHANGING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN - Because I saw a dragon fly for the fifth time that week.


"I THINK I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO EXPLODE" - Upon booking flights for her wedding.

I know, with unwavering certainty that she will be my best friend for better or worse, until death do us part.


I have known him for 12 years, and even though we live in different countries we still manage to stay in touch on a regular basis. We share the same beliefs and very similar goals which is probably what has sparked many of our very long conversations. He has been my shoulder to cry on in the middle of the night after messy break ups, and I in return have given my best dating advice. (My dating advice probably shouldn't be trusted considering I'm a single cat lady living alone writing this post on a Saturday night on her own.) I have probably taken him for granted far too many times but I am sure he knows how much I appreciate him.

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"The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love your simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people."

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