The Perfect Writing Space

I've been blogging on one site or another for the past 10 years. (Wow, I hadn't realised it had been that long.) After writing for such a long time, sometimes for a personal blog and at other times for work you'd think I'd have a dedicated writing space wouldn't you? Well I do, but I NEVER use it. My desk, along with my snazzy twirly office chair sits steps away from my dining room table. It over looks my garden and has beautiful views, along with pretty plants and flowers that decorate the window sill yet I will always opt for the table with the rather uncomfortable chairs.

I'll grab my notebook, clear a space between my overflowing gym bag, empty tea mugs, tea towels and to do lists that litter the tattered table cloth. Scrunching my legs up underneath me, preferably with a full tea mug I'll pour my heart out onto the lined €1 notebook in front of me.

Some of my favourite blog posts have been written at this table, others were written sat in my car, on a bus, in the airport or on a plane. Yet absolutely nothing, nada, nieto, has been written at my desk. In fact the cats use it as their sunbathing spot...

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I always carry a notebook in my bag along with about five pens, four of which probably don't work. The fifth requires a little coaxing, the obligatory scribbling all over a random page, rolling between my palms and breathing heavily onto the tip usually does the trick.

My point is, to write and blog you don't need a special writing place. You don't need a fancy computer or a swirly twirly chair. You just need a notebook and pen at hand when inspiration strikes.

Day 7 of the 1 year challenge:

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