The Power Of Crystals

Crystal stones have always interested me. I feel like I'm slipping more and more into the hippy-land than ever before, sat here sipping my green tea, pondering over what veggies to plant in my vegetable patch this weekend, whilst looking forward to my plant based lunch after a morning of yoga and meditation followed by expressing my thoughts on crystal healing and their properties. Who even am I?! So, back to what I originally sat my bum down on this rather comfy seat to write about. Crystal stone properties. I've been doing a lot of research lately on stones, I thought I'd share a tiny little bit of information I found on two stones in particular Citrine and Smoky Quartz.


This beautiful pale yellow/see through stone is incredibly powerful, it is fantastic at clearing unwanted energies from the body as well as being famous as a prosperity stone bringing success and abundance in all forms. This stone helps to manifest wealth and good fortune.

Smoky Quartz.

Smoky quartz is a wonderfully grounding crystal that helps to dissipate negative thoughts and feelings attracting calmness and peace of mind.

Before purchasing these stones for myself I didn't research the specific stone I needed preferring to go to the shop and seeing which ones I found myself drawn to. It was only when I got home did I research their properties and found that they are exactly what I need right now.

When you have a new stone it is important to cleanse it before carrying it around with you. You can do this easily by leaving it in a glass of salt water in natural daylight for a day. This will rid it of any unwanted energy it may have from people who have been in contact with it before you.