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The Simple Life

The Simple Life


Squished into seat 5E, thirty five thousand feet in the air slap bang in the middle of two towering men whose elbows particularly like the arm rests, having just read an interesting article found in the EasyJet inflight magazine on longevity I thought I'd tackle the subject on the blog. Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Into The Blue Zone written by Estella Shardlow visits the village of Ogliastra nestled in Sardinia, Italy which boasts a high level of inhabitants living to be over 100 years old. It is becoming somewhat popular with tourists who wish to discover the secrets of those who live there.

According to a handful of these incredible people, it is very simple; eat less and do more as well as drink a glass of wine with each meal. They have spent their lives working hard in physical roles as shepards and farmers. Eating a very humble, healthy diet and drinking a glass or two of the local wine each day.


After speaking to my Great Aunt a couple of days ago, whom is well into her eighties and still very much bouncing around and posing as if she were in her early twenties, I can't help but think maybe these tanned, healthy glowing Italians are onto something. My Great Aunt told me that she does yoga every day to stay fit and healthy. From what I gather she nibbles her way through the day on not all too much at all.

Could the answer really be eating healthier, smaller portions and staying active? I do believe this could play a vital role in our overall health and life span. Of course genetics and lifestyle play their part too. From the article I understand that a strong social life, family ties and enjoying life is just as important.

Do we over complicate the simplicities in our pursuit of happiness, longevity and health? Quite possibly.


As I am sure you can imagine I have tried my fair share of super foods, on trend fads and stressing not only my muscles but whole body in an attempt to get as physically strong and healthy as possible, whilst looking lean, mean and oh so very keen. I've sweated through Body Pump classes, shaking for hours afterwards. Eaten bags of goji berries in an attempt to get alllll the antioxidants. (FYI After a few handfuls they have an erm... Laxative effect on the old tummy...) and drank green tea until I was so wired I could have run the London Marathon. (Well not quite, but nearly.)

I've read it over and over again in the fitness books, health magazines, and feel good blogs I religiously devour with my eyes. Do what makes you happy and it will work for you. Oh Peta you didn't just write that did you? Oh yes I did.

80% of our body shape is dependent upon what we eat, only 20% depends on the exercise we do.

Oh yes I know the facts, and the annoying thing is I've known he facts for years. I delight in researching health and fitness, sharing the information I discover with whomever is unfortunate enough to amble along my path at the wrong time. So why won't I listen to myself? Why can't I follow my own advice?

No matter whom advises, whom has tried this amazing new diet which worked exceptionally well for them and whom lived until they were 237 no one knows your body as well as you do. We know what works for us, and sometimes we need to stop, listen, notice and put our findings into action.

Plant Based Falafel

Over the next month I'm going to take an alternative tact on my lifestyle. Instead of eating three, okay maybe four large meals a day, all the energy balls in one sitting, consuming a pot of honey on a weekly basis and stressing out about getting in three 30 minute HIIT workouts, a yoga session, Pilates session and alternating daily arms, bum, tum, thighs, back and leg weight workouts each week, I'm going to try something a little different.

I aim to eat 6 small meals a day, all packed with plant based goodness. From hummus and veggie sticks to lentil salads and bean stews as well as chickpea and butternut squash curries.

Fitness wise I will aim to walk 15,000 steps a day, do 30 minutes of yoga each morning and try to fit in a short Pilates workout focusing on different muscle groups each evening alternating with and without extra weights.

By popping it on the blog there's an element of accountability, almost halfway through blogging everyday for a year, I know that blog accountability makes me stick to my goals.

I'll report back in each Sunday round up on how I'm finding it and hopefully create a post each Monday on what small healthy meals I've prepped for the week.

What do you do to keep fit and healthy? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

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