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When thing's don't go as planned...

When thing's don't go as planned...


Sometimes life doesn't quite go as planned, we write epic to do lists with the best of intentions, envision ourselves utilizing every minute in the day as effectively as we can and being the most productive we have been in a long time. We  prepare ourselves for these days and look forward to tackling our ever growing list of jobs, however , no matter how much we plan sometimes life doesn't work out quite as we thought it was going to. 4

Sometimes all we can do is take a deep breath, hold on and cross our fingers.


Sometimes we have to have faith that life will only throw at us what we can handle.


Sometimes we have to close our eyes, harden up and take it all with a pinch of salt.


Sometimes we have to just be.

When you have a day where life got your plans mixed up with another person's just remember; an arrow can only be shot by pulling it back first. Life may drag you back, but it's only to launch you forward as soon as can be.


Me x

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Positive Friday | 1 | Blog and Social Media Share

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