Time Heals Everything

Good Morning, Gosh it's Sunday, Sundays are lovely aren't they? I was woken up at 7 by three kind of annoying, kind of cute fluff balls who wanted cuddles/attention/food ... mainly food. I lazily got out of bed, padded barefoot to the kitchen, fed the cats, brewed a cup of lemon and ginger and lit the fire. There is something so wonderfully calming about a fire on a Sunday morning. I meditated for 10 minutes using the headspace app and did a spot of light yoga. I feel like I'm all set for a chilled Sunday.

This week I have spent a lot of time horizontal, be it watching Netflix, snoozing or reading. My face is now less swollen although my mouth is still very sore, but I am sure by this time next week I'll be happy that I had my wisdom teeth removed. There isn't much in the way of news this week but I have certainly been reminded that time heals everything. Time and rest. It is so important just to take time for ourselves, to rest, recuperate and love ourselves so that our body can use all the energy it can to heal and repair.

Here is a little photographic round up of my week...

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Although she has broken four plates and my smoothie jug this week, she is still the cuddliest cat in the kingdom of cats. This photo was taken from my bed, just before she decided to push that lovely square plate off the window sill.

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These wild flowers growing next to my gate truly brightened my day.

Mash4I have been experimenting with soft foods in the kitchen due to the solid food ban until late next week. This wonderful mash (recipe on the blog) is anti inflammatory and has natural antibiotics in it which aids a quick recovery post surgery.


I also made these scrumptious strawberry puddings...absolutely delicious.

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Tina has been glued to my side, most likely due to my side being glued to the sofa. She is such a little sofa queen.


Finally, I wrote a little blog post about my present and future yesterday. It feels amazing to be writing again, getting my thoughts down on paper...or should I say screen.

Here's to another calming week full of inspirational people, motivational moments and beauty wherever your eyes wander.

Me x