A Tool To Avoid Emotional Eating
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Do you ever find yourself feeling emotional and reaching for food. I know I did on a daily basis, various times! My emotions were anything from feeling upset, angry, vulnerable to excited, happy or even a bit bored. Before I realised it I’d opened the fridge and was licking my fingers after apparently eating something, yet I wasn’t even sure what it tasted like?!

We often use food to bury, distract or cover up our emotions, in the short term it works a charm, however in the long term we’re left with major food guilt, a feeling of unease and goodness knows how many things to work out that we’ve buried deep inside us under chocolate, biscuits, yoghurts, crisps and maybe even a round of toast.

There’s a simple tool we can use when we notice we’re heading towards the fridge, the STOP tool.

  • S is for Stop, to pause for  a moment.
  • T is for Take a few breaths.
  • O is for Observe thoughts and emotional response.
  • P is for Proceed in a different direction.

When it comes to emotional eating, in pausing for a moment and considering what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, we’re less likely to continue on the same course. I'd love to know 

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