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Twinkling occasions of loveliness

Twinkling occasions of loveliness


I have just realised that over the past few months I have barely spent a moment alone. Properly alone, not popping around to see my family for a quick cuppa, chatting away mindlessly to Fraser, gossiping with my BFF - Laura on Facebook Messenger, sharing Instagram photos with the king of IG himself - Adam or tweeting the beaut that is Rhiân on twitter whilst simultaneously texting each other via Whatsapp. Are we ever really alone in this world now? Yet at the same time have we ever felt more alone as a species?

We isolate ourselves, convincing our own selves that it is just as good to chat to that friend/family member on the phone or via our preferred messenger service than to meet up with them in person.

Somehow, through my subconscious, this post has completely veered off from what I set out to write about.

This morning I read the lovely Hannah Gale's post "Living Without A Social Network" which really struck a chord with me. Some of my closest friends live back in the UK and I rarely get to see them. We all have our own things going on but when we meet up it's as if no time has passed since our previous get together.

I wonder if it weren't for technology, would we have stayed in contact/found each other after many many years apart? I'm unsure if I would have reconnected with Laura had it not been for Twitter.

Would other friendships that have been built over our lifetimes have stayed as strong without regular contact and updates via social media?

Jeeeeez, talk about going off on a tangent. This was supposed to be a quick blog post on how I should spend a little time alone without technology and people. Not really achieving that am I?

With the craziness going on in this world at the moment it truly brings home the fact that life is so very short.

Speak to those you love and appreciate as much as you can. Tell them what they mean to you whenever you have the chance. If you have an opportunity to see and be with those special to you grasp it with both hands.

You never know what tomorrow could bring. In the digital age we live in it's so easy to settle for video calls and messages. However nothing compares to watching the myriad of emotions passing across the face of the person you're talking to as you catch up, giving each other the most precious thing you ever could, your time.

There is nothing like giving or receiving that much needed hug. Having a shoulder to cry on or the strange, silent laughing until tears roll down your cheeks as you playfully hit each other on the arm.

Take time out of your busy schedule to linger in the moment with those you hold dear.

Treasure memories; the sound of their laughter, their touch, their smell, the way they look at the world around them.

Collect twinkling occasions of loveliness that you will never relive again. Drink it all in and remember it forever, because a lifetime is just a split second in the grand scheme of things.

A lifetime is all we have.

What would you miss if you moved abroad?

What would you miss if you moved abroad?

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