Until next time...

Two hours ago I sadly said my goodbyes to Laura. I'm not very good at farewells and between us we always seem to end up in a teary mess. It was time to go home after a nine day stay in my home town and I shakily waved to her as I pulled my little red suitcase behind me towards the bus station. I'd already had an emotional departure early this morning with Fraser and had tissues on hand as she pulled away. I took deep breaths in and pulled myself together. It's okay, you'll be back again soon I told myself.

As I stood waiting for my coach to arrive, someone walked up behind me and said "excuse me could you tell me which bus..." I didn't hear the end of the sentence as I turned around so quickly just knowing it was Fraser.

He had come to surprise me as I got on the bus and I burst into tears as soon as I saw his face throwing my arms tightly around him. It's amazing how such a thoughtful act can make you feel so special. It meant the world to me.

So as I sit on yet another coach up to Bristol airport, writing yet another heartbreaking goodbyes post, crying yet again I can only think of how much the people I've spent the past week and a bit with mean to me.

I'm not crying tears of sadness, although of course I am sad to be leaving those I love so much. I guess I'm welling up because of how lucky I am to have these incredible people in my life. I'm such an emotional little person.

I wrote a post "twinkling moments of loveliness" a week or so ago about staying in touch with friends and family , and seeing them as often as you can even if you live far away like I do. You never know what could happen, what life has waiting for you just around the corner and the twists and turns, ups and downs and lefts and rights you may have to take. Make the most of any amount of time you have with those you love, even if it's an unexpected ten minutes standing in the rain at the bus station because those memories will keep you going until next time.