Vlog July 2016

I'm writing this on Saturday at midday, the vlog has been exported once and failed during the night. Cheers laptop. I'm hoping we're onto a winner this time though as it's 75% exported. Fingers crossed! It then has to be viewed by my little sis because apparently I'm good at capturing her bad side, she is absolutely stunning and has no bad side but hey ho! So I'm also hoping that as well as it exporting correctly, Jess doesn't want me to edit out any parts that she's featured in because I may possibly cry.

It will then take between six and nine hours to upload onto Youtube, gotta love my internet speed. But then, my second vlog of the year will actually be a thing. Eeeek!

Editing July took exactly two whole days, for this reason I've decided to start weekly vlogging. I know that once I'm back to work in September I just won't be able to make the time to edit 527 clips (oh yes July really is a long one!) into a half an hour vlog...more or less.

Once again I am so happy that I started this little project, being able to look back at moments from last month has really made me smile, giggle and laugh out loud in places. These are memories I will treasure forever. <3


Me x [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZslPfrbFf_M]