Watching the sunrise

On Friday Fray and I peeled ourselves out of the warmth and comfort of our bed, tried to unsuccessfully not wake the cats, sleepily pulled our clothes on and drove into town. We parked on the seafront, it was still dark - but a slight glimmer of orange began to stain the sky. We had woken up to see the sunrise.


I've always been a sunset person, stopping for a moment to take in the incredible colours the sky has to offer, when I'm fortunate enough to be outside at sunset. However watching the sunrise on Friday morning changed all of that.

sunrise spain

There is nothing quite like a sunrise, the world is so very quiet, it is because of this that you feel so lucky to be viewing this miracle, which happens every day as we're tucked up in our beds.

good morning

We set up our cameras for the vlogs and then sat down to watch as the sun woke the world up with a brand new day.

sunrise couple

It made me want to watch more sunrises, to sit quietly as the world wakes up with a flask of tea and a blanket.


There is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, they can be the most awe-inspiring moments of beauty and yet we miss so many of them.

barcelona sunrise