Wednesday 14th December 2016 | Wonderful Wednesday
This week I am not going to ramble on about how it's already Wednesday, because well...I kinda say that every week! So I am just going to wish you a very Merry 11 Days Until Christmas and get on with the wonderful!
1. Spreading Christmas magic - It's my absolute favourite thing to do this time of year, there is nothing I enjoy more. Spreading a little magic, surprising friends and family and singing Christmas songs every where I go, means I am on a constant Christmas high at the moment!
2. Internet Friends - It's amazing how you can connect and build wonderful friendships online isn't it? I feel so grateful and happy to have some incredibly talented friends I have made in the blogosphere.
3. Blankets - I snuggle up under a huge feather duvet a big thick blanket and a hot water bottle each night, wrapped in warm pyjamas and a fluffy dressing gown and it is just PERFECT. (Although I keep forgetting that when I wear socks I quite literally can't get to sleep at all until I take them off. Fun fact there for you...)
4. Bedtime Cats - I know I shouldn't, and I try not to every night, but it's just so lovely to cuddle up to a furry buddy as you doze of to the land of nod.
5. Mum's Dinners - There's nothing quite like your mum's home cooked dinner is there? My lovely mum has been surprising me with a good few when I've gotten home late from work recently. Thanks Mum!
6. Baths - Taking the time to have a proper relaxing bath puts me in the most wonderfully calm mood ever. Take note Peta take note.
7.  Vlogmas - Oh it is literally zapping my energy, and having to edit every night is a bloody pain in the arse but watching them back already fills me with all the warm fuzzies so I can't wait until we get a little close to Christmas and my holidays off work!
8. The Lively Show podcast did an interview with Jonathan Fields and it's really been something that has played on my mind. I love his outlook that we are made up of three buckets - Vitality, Connections and Purpose and we must fill them and keep them filled each day to feel balanced and aligned. A much recommended listen!
9. The X-Factor Results - I haven't kept up with it at all this year but I love watching the final, so I headed up to my mum and dad's and we watched it together with my sister. It makes me so emotional and I loved the winner's Christmas song.
10. This Wonderful Wednesday - Reading everyone else's posts puts me in such a positive happy mood and I look forward to it every week. Thank you so much Sally for creating this uplifting post idea.

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