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Wednesday 16th November | Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday 16th November | Wonderful Wednesday


Good morning lovelies, Happy Wonderful Wednesday. It's currently 23:38 and I am snuggled on the sofa with a big duvet and two very cuddly cats, having only finished work 38 minutes ago. I may or may not have fallen asleep on the sofa with the cats last night, waking up at 7 this morning rather surprised by my whereabouts. I had a little bit of cat mum guilt yesterday due to working nearly all day and night and not being home, hence curling up on the sofa with them and the same has happened today. It is rather lovely being so cozy by the fire I must say. Shall we get on with the wonderful? Let's!

:: Watching The Sunrise - Although waking up at 05:45 was most definitely not the one, watching the sunrise with my favourite person was such a special moment. I will treasure the memory forever. There is something a little magical about being awake to witness the start of a brand new day as the rest of the world sleeps.


vlogging couple

:: Family Time - On Friday evening I wandered through the town with my family to see the November festival. At the top of town it starts with a car show, and by the time you reach the bottom of the town there's more locally produced food and drink than you can shake a stick at! It safe to say that we wandered home a little more merrier than we arrived. Particularly after sampling the local vermouth on offer.

artisan bread

november fair

local vermouth

:: Wok Noodles & Sushi - At the weekend we treated ourselves to Japanese takeaway, TWICE! Which is very unlike me, I'm forever counting the pennies. We had wok noodles as we walked to the train station in Barcelona and sushi when we got home. I must say I felt a little as if we were in the movies walking along sharing a cardboard pot of wok noodles.

:: Finding Meals In The Freezer - The start of this week has been so full on, I've barely had a minute to make a cup of tea. Last night I was thinking about what to prepare for lunch and dinner today, by last night I mean 11:30 at night. I opened the freezer and as if by magic, (not really, more like me cooking far too much a while back) I found a load of frozen meals. YAY!

:: La Sagrada Familia - On Saturday we spent the afternoon exploring La Sagrada Familia, an awe-inspiring Basilica in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The architecture and detailing is amazing.

La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Gaudi

:: Christmas Adverts - I can't help my little self I just love them so much! They make me feel all warm and cozy.

:: How To Get Away With Murder - (Season 2) As you have probably guessed I rarely sit down to watch TV or a film, I'm constantly working on projects, the blog, social media or at work. However my other half balances me out, he has a very calming effect on me, with him I'm able to sit still and just enjoy the art of slow living. We watched the whole second series of How To Get Away With Murder, it's one of my favourite series, it's so addictive and absolutely amazing!

I hope you're having a lovely week this week, if you'd like to read some more wonderful lists then pop over to the other lovely ladies who participate in Wonderful Wednesday - Sally, MichelleKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam,LauraKerri , Sarah,Mimmi ,Sarah and Jasmin

See with just our eyes

See with just our eyes

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