Wednesday 21 December 2016 | Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday 21 December 2016 | Wonderful Wednesday

Merry Wonderful Wednesday, I can't quite get my head around the fact that it's the last Wednesday before Christmas. As I rush around trying my best to finish my Christmas shopping, I can't help but feel that little buzz of excitement building in my tummy. I must say that I am very much looking forward to finishing work tomorrow for two whole weeks. I am planning on drinking far too much tea and taking it easy for once. Something that I'm not all too experienced in doing. Without further a do, let's get on with the wonderful!

    • Having Fray here until Sunday meant coming home to a cozy warm home each night, a cooked dinner and a tidy flat. The best feeling ever! Although now that he has gone the cats are VERY clingy...
    • Although I suffered for it on Sunday, my Christmas work do was fantastic! We laughed and danced the night away.

  • I won a trophy at the afore mentioned Christmas do! I think the last time I won a trophy was for sailing about 15 years ago. The award was for "Best English Through Theatre Director Ever".  I suppose I'd better start living up to the title!
  • I've spent quite a bit of time making little Christmas gifts for my work mates, the gifts included a kitkat with a sticker on that says "You Deserve A Break", a homemade gingerbread biscuit with clementine and lemon icing and a little Christmas card. They went down a treat!
  • Yesterday was the last day of our School shows, thank goodness! I love show time but the stress that comes with it? Not so much. Trying to get a class of six year olds into costumes on show day in the space of 10 minutes should be classed as an extreme sport.
  • The good weather is back, I'm not a fan of the rain as it always causes me joint problems so I was overjoyed this morning to see the clouds parting to reveal a beautiful blue blue sky.
  • We finally made it to the end of term! My goodness has it been a long one!