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Wonderful Wednesday 30 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 30 of 2018


Hey Friends, how ya dooooin'? I'm hopping on here for a spot of Wonderful Wednesday writing to share the lovely, happy moments that this week has brought me so far. It's been quite the week of fuzzy feelings of joy and accomplishment so I think we'd better get on with the wonderful hadn't we?! 

I know I mentioned it last week but it's just SO good. If you haven't heard of it, it's a Netflix series and GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Now, I'm not into wrestling at all yet I'm completely obsessed with this show. It approaches character's story lines in a very relatable way, there's such a feel good vibe to the series and I love the way it motivates me, not to wrestle but just to really fight for what I want to achieve in life. Fraser asked me last night if I'd be up for watching another episode, at 11:30pm might I add! It's very unusual for him to still be awake at that time, so I jumped at the chance! 

Swallows, Swifts & Dragonflies.
Each evening I go out for a little wander in the field or a potter in my little garden and I love watching the swifts and swallows diving and elegantly floating above. We've also had a family of three dragonflies - do dragonflies have familes? I do kind of hope so as I've made up little stories as I watch them hover on the surface of the pool. 

Slow Mornings. 
I've had to take things a little slower than usual over the past few weeks as I fight off a virus. I love being able to take this time for me and structure my days around how i'm feeling when I first wake up. It does mean that I'm usually working well into the night but I feel ever so much better for it. 

Pool Yoga.
With slow mornings come joint pain which usually makes yoga tricky to do. More often than not I sit on a chair and stretch as best I can in that way but because it's summer I've been able to stretch and do yoga poses in the pool instead. The water takes all of the strain off my joints and it's so wonderful to be able to stretch with a little more ease on these days. 


WE by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel.
I'm only a quarter through this book and it's phenomenal. I'm someone who has always spent a lot of time working on personal growth, reading books, listening to podcasts and journalling. This book raises some really interesting thoughts, has brilliant journalling exercises to do and is cementing my core values of coming back to myself, finding alignment and filling my own cup before giving to others. It's amazing and I truly do recommend it to absolutely anyone out there, man or woman, even though it's entitled "The uplifting manual for women seeking happiness." I don't tend to subscribe to gender identification, I prefer to think that we are all made up of energy, some of us have more feminine energy than masculine and others have more masculine energy than feminine. In order to develop personally we can nurture both sides, this will truly nurture and care for the feminine side. Lucy lent me this book and it truly is such a gift. I've just had a little look on Amazon and you can get the paperback version for £4.37, or the kindle version for £1.49 right now which isn't bad at all - click here to view WE on Amazon*. Last week I signed up to audible (Amazon's audible book service) for the first time and when you sign up for the trial period you're able to pick a book to listen to, this one is on there too, so that could be a great option if you prefer to listen to books, which I'm really getting into now! 


Arthur's Antics.
Oh my goodness this cat keeps me on my toes he really does! He definitely knows that I keep a watchful eye on him and therefore feels as if he gets more attention than the others and is more important. Recently he has brought in a wide array of creatures, I say brought in rather than caught because I don't actually think Arthur is quick enough to catch anything, he's a very lazy cat. I think it's very likely that his brother Albert catches things and lets Arthur have them, those two are always together! Anyway, we've had enough creatures to make our own version of Noah's Arc - snakes, beetles, bugs, mice, crickets, dragonflies, birds and even the odd leaf. Some still alive, which I very quickly save and others not so much. On Monday night I could hear Arthur throwing something rather weighty around in the garden, "here we go again" I thought. I put on my glasses and grabbed my torch. It was a rock. Arthur is now very taken with his rock and it seems to have become a little pet?! He plays with it quite often and I'm beyond happy that for the time being, the rock has taken the place of the poor creatures. 

Hidden Cats.
Speaking of those two, they are very into hiding right now. I use the term hiding very loosely. When I go for a little wander, all four cats accompany me at the moment, I'm sure they can sense I'm not quite 100% physically. Arthur and Albert hide in the long grass and stay as still as they can. I'm sure they think I can't see them and I'm not about to ruin their fun. Here's a photo of them both, as you can see they're pretty visible from human height!! If you'd like to hear more about Arthur and Albert I've linked their names to their stories on the blog, you can also find Katie and Tina's stories too! 


My E-book. 
I can't quite believe I'm typing this but both of my e-books - The Un-Boring Salad Guide and New To Free From Eating are available to buy on Amazon! Eeeeep! They are also available on my resources page in return for your subscription to my weekly Foodspiration emails. I don't see them as being "free". Being able to contact people directly in their inbox is such a privilege, so no you're not paying with money to receive these ebooks, you're paying by giving me the opportunity to chat to you each week about food. In the Foodspiration emails you can expect The Foodspiration Four - 4 dishes handpicked by me from around the tinterwebs to inspire you for the weekend and week ahead. Happy Eating Encouragement - we chat about building a loving relationship with food and any food news I've got going on that week. Check out my resources page for more info!

Our Inner Critic.
This week I have taken some time out to just sit and listen to podcasts, it's one of my all time favourite things to do. One of the podcasts I got ever so much from is From The Heart, in particular the two episodes on listening to our inner critic and the stories it has to tell us. Rachel speaks to beautiful souls about the stories their own inner critic tells them. It really is a worthwhile listen and will encourage you to think about the stories you tell yourself. It will also encourage you to change how you speak to yourself and channel your inner best friend. Listen to the podcast here. 

Mango & Nectarine Smoothie.
For the past few mornings I've been whipping up a refreshing, ice cold smoothie. Frozen mango, fresh, juice nectarine and cold orange juice. I top it with crunchy hazelnuts and mixed seeds. It really is every kind of wonderful. 

Photo 31-07-2018, 17 31 12.jpg

My favourite Summer lunches are bowls full of goodness, this week I've been loving a roasted veggie quinoa salad with potato and spinach frittas. There's something really comforting about this combination. The fluffiness of the quinoa, the flavours of roasted vegetables, the crispy roasted kale and soft, filling potato and spinach cakes. Oh, my mouth is watering already! Is it lunchtime yet?!

Free From Magazine.
A few of my recipes are in Gluten Free Heaven magazine's August issue and I'm rather excited! I spotted them on Healthy Living James' IG Stories as he was showing his own recipes in the magazine. I sent Fraser a message asking if he could pick up a copy. He picked up two, bless his little heart! It's so wonderful to have my own little cheerleader celebrating all of my little wins in life.


That's my wonderful for this week, I hope you've enjoyed the cat photos - there were quite a few! I also hope that this list has inspired you to think about the wonderfulness in your life right now. For more wonderful, head on over to these lovely ladies who also check in each week: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's

I hope you have a delightful rest of the week,
Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
Peta & The Bears x

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Wonderful Wednesday 31 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 31 of 2018

Roasted Veggies Quinoa Salad

Roasted Veggies Quinoa Salad