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Wednesday 30th November | Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday 30th November | Wonderful Wednesday


Good morning, I've sat down to write this on Wednesday morning, with that tight ball of I definitely don't have enough hours in the day today rocking in my tummy. I think this time is required to sit down and just take in all the goodness of the week, it's so easy to get caught up in the little things, in running around and feeling stressed. It's always always always a good idea to stop, take stock of all that you have and feel good for a moment. On with the wonderful...


:: Christmas Decorations

Oh my goodness they are up, looking oh so very festive although I'm not going to lie, my cats have been swinging off the tree more times than I care to admit and there are more baubles under the sofa than there are on the tree but hey ho! What's Christmas without little furry monsters skidding and sliding on the floor as they play with the decorations you so carefully and delicately places in just the perfect spot on the tree...right?

Christmas decorations

:: Tea

I know it makes the cut every week, I just don't know what I'd ever do without tea! I discovered a really yummy loose tea in my local health shop, you can buy it by weight - which is always great as it means you can try a little before you decide whether it's for you or not. Anyway, this particular tea is to make you sleep, now it's no miracle worker, and on someone as highly strung as me it was never going to send me off to the land of nod instantly, but it does calm me down a little and ease my 200mph mind into a slower pace after ten minutes or so.

:: Pe-ta

You may have noticed something has changed in these parts, nope it's not my hair (although a huge part of me wishes it was!) it is in fact the name of my blog and look of the site, eeeek! I've been planning this change for so long, and on Sunday after much umming and arring I just went for it. I'm so pleased I did, as there is nothing less motivating than a blog name you question on a daily basis and a design you're just not so keen on.

:: The Weather

How very British of you Peta! We have had crazy weather of late, the past five days have been full to the brim of loud storms cutting out the electric and internet, hailstones the size of a fifty pence piece - not sure why I always revert to pounds when I have lived in Spain for fourteen years! And wind that stole the washing off the line various times, even when I pegged it with a thousand pegs. (Okay, I don't actually own a thousand pegs, but the amount of time I spent pegging bloody socks on the line with two pegs on each one and fifteen on each bed sheet it definitely felt like it!) Anyway, the point of this point is that today the clouds have finally cleared to reveal the most beautiful blue sky and sunshiny day, with not a rain cloud in sight.

beautiful day

:: Advent Calendars

I finally finished making these advent calendars for my family members and the look on their faces when I gave them a box each was picture perfect and so very worth all the time and effort spent on them. <3 There's just something so magical about this time of year isn't there?

advent ideas

:: Getting Organised

Although it probably doesn't sound or look like it, I am getting myself pretty organised for December, I've got a good few blog posts written and ready to publish in drafts, and a little blog schedule to stick to during the one and only festive month. I'm going to be attempting Vlogmas, I say attempting because right now I can't really see how on earth I'm going to fit it into each day, but I'm always up for giving things a go and nothing is impossible!


Thank you for reading my rather rambly Wonderful Wednesday post, and well done you for getting to the end - you definitely deserve a cuppa! Writing this has made me feel all warm and cosy inside and really rather grateful.

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