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Wednesday 8th November 2016 | Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can't believe we're already half way through the week. I'm kind of sad, usually I'd be bouncing off the walls but this week my other half is visiting for the week and I'm desperate for time to just slow down a little!

Life is pretty hectic at the moment and I don't seem to stop but it's alllll good! Let's get on with the wonderful happy things that have popped a smile on my face before I start rambling.

:: Picking Fraser up from the airport last night - this always makes me happy, I like to make sure I'm there waiting before he lands so that he always sees me as he walks out of the doors at arrivals. There's nothing like walking out to see a loved one waiting for you is there?

The Simple Life

:: Setting up The Blogging Friends I can't believe how lovely and friendly this group is already! It's great to see bloggers help each other out and it's so nice to have blogging minded people to chat to!

:: The Fire - The cold weather has well and truly arrived and with it the fire on whenever I am home, it is every kind of wonderful.


:: Matcha Green Tea - There is nothing that makes me concentrate and focus good old Matcha Green Tea, it also has 137 times the antioxidants of a normal cup of green tea AND the same nutritional value as 10 cups of normal green tea. WOW.


:: This little drawing by one of my students - you can read why it's so special to me here.

:: Wrapping up warm - Popping a wooly hat and scarf on is just every kind of wonderful. You won't catch me complaining about the cold any time soon!


:: Cat Stories - A few months ago I wrote The Story Of Arthur Cat and a few readers really loved it so I thought why not write the stories of Katie and Tina too! Writing them up really gave me a giggle and brought up some of my happiest memories.

:: Nails - I don't usually paint my nails because I can't sit still long enough to let them dry. I always end up trying to do something with wet nails, however this weekend I found an old nail varnish favourite that got me in the festive mood so I thought WHY THE HELL NOT?!


:: The Christmas Jumper Story - As you've probably guessed I really love writing out stories and this one made me giggle the whole time I was writing it.

I hope you're having a super lovely week! If you'd like a little more wonderful in your life please pop over and read these lovely ladies' posts: Sally, MichelleKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam,LauraKerri , Sarah,Mimmi ,Sarah and Jasmin


The Story Of Tina Cat

The Story Of Tina Cat

The Story Of Katie Cat

The Story Of Katie Cat