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Week 1 of the Summer holidays...

Week 1 of the Summer holidays...


The beginning of the week was an emotional one, the end of the school year is always a heartwarming moment for me, but being the overly emotional cat lady that I am it always ends in tears. I make a point of reminding my students of their achievements and tell them how proud I am of their progress. On Monday I decided to treat my students to a class of games, karaoke and dancing. We listened to aaaaalll of the classics; S Club 7, The Spice Girls and the one and only Saturday Night. For my adult class we all took in food and drink and spent the lesson chatting and listening to The Beatles. When my students left I went in search of another class in a bar close by, I had said I'd have a drink with them to celebrate the end of the course. One drink turned into a few and I didn't get home until 1am.


Tuesday I missed the gym and had another set of emotional classes for the very last day of term. We celebrated in a few bars and planned the Summer ahead.

On Wednesday, the first day of the ten week holiday Fraser called and mentioned he'd be coming to stay a few days earlier than previously mentioned, when I asked how much earlier he laughed and said a week. So sat next to me as I write this I have a Fraser who will be staying for two weeks, let's see who annoys who first.

Thursday was jam packed with cleaning, tidying and gym-ing. I did all of the little jobs that never get done, I'm looking at you broken light bulb. As well as letting a little ginger cat sleep in my bed because he was scared of the fireworks...uhuh really scared.


Friday was a blur of sorting bits and bobs and not really being as productive as I'd have liked.

Saturday arrived and with it a BBQ and the arrival of one of my favourite people. Friends arrived at 14:00 and we set about lighting the BBQ, it took a while... We ate burnt food, lay in the sun and played apple bobbing in the pool with music blaring as loud as it possibly could. We played around with the app Boomerang which is awesome and I dropped them home on my way to the airport.


Fraser arrived at 21:30 and we made a pit stop at home to leave his bags and headed straight out to meet Adam for a drink. One drink turned into five and we arrived home at 4am. Today we trekked into Vilanova to pick up the car and spent the day doing pretty much nothing at all in our hungover states.





The first week of the Summer holidays has been jam packed with gym visits where we possibly could have worked harder, get togethers where we possibly could have consumed less and lots and lots of laughter.

The End.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

A little fun fact...

A little fun fact...