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What do you weigh?

What do you weigh?


What do you weigh? The inspirational Jamela Jamil has created a movement, an incredible, body positive, all sizes inclusive movement, that I am 100% behind. With #iweight she asks everyone to consider what they weigh, but not in the form of a number on the scales, rather in values, personality, strengths and weaknesses. Who you actually ARE as a person. What makes you YOU. When you really get down to it, the number on the scales means very little.

When we stop focussing on the number that little box we strip every tiny bit off excess weight, in the form of clothing and shoes off for, an overwhelming sense of freedom and relief falls upon our shoulders. It’s not easy at first, it’s nerve racking and scary and it feels as if you’re letting go of all control, when in fact you’re gaining control.

I threw away my scales about three years ago. I have been weighed twice in the past three years for health check ups and each time the weight has been exactly the same. So did throwing away the scales equal an insane weight gain? Nope. Did I lose weight? I don’t know. What I do know is that through intuitive, mindful eating, my body has found it’s happy place in size.

I felt anxious at first, how was I going to know if I had put on some weight overnight? What if by the end of the day I was heavier? Slowly but surely I realised it didn’t matter. I didn’t think about weighing myself first thing in the morning after a wee but before my cup of tea. I didn’t dread the Monday morning weigh in, because it no longer happened. I didn’t lie awake at night guessing what number would appear on the scales the next morning, or sneakily get up to check. I stopped fantasizing about achieving my goal weight, which was forever changed to a smaller number. My goal weight became “happy”.  

If you feel like you’re at a stage where you’d be comfortable in throwing away your scales, I urge you to give it a go, as long as you aren’t required to weigh in on a regular basis for health reasons - but you could also do this at the chemist. If you’re still not quite ready to throw those scales away, think about hiding them, giving them to a friend or creating your own measurements like I have in this photo. It’s time we took back the control scales have over us.

A few questions to ask yourself if you’re feeling resistance in this:

  • Why is weighing myself so important to me?
  • What will happen if I don’t weigh myself?
  • What will happen if I no longer have scales in the house both long term and short term?
  • How will I feel if I don’t focus on my weight?
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