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What would you miss if you moved abroad?

What would you miss if you moved abroad?


(This was written on Saturday evening whilst on a flight from Barcelona to Bristol) I'm sat on a plane, England bound, feeling all the emotions. I love a good plane journey. I've got my hoodie on, jacket stowed snuggly under the seat in front of me with a small suitcase crammed to the brim with what I can only describe as my Autumn / Winter wear stored in the overhead locker above me.

After living in Barcelona for thirteen years, I really feel the cold back in the UK, even when there's a heatwave. I've been living in mid forties heat for the past few weeks, early to mid twenties is definitely like Autumn to me.

You know what? I really can't wait.

I absolutely love wrapping up warm in no too cold, not too hot weather. I'm looking forward to sleeping under a duvet and popping a jacket on at night. Crazy right? But even though I've lived in Spain for over half of my life, there are still things I miss back in Blighty.

As well as the obvious; my loved ones. I also miss the cooler Summers. No I don't miss the horrible damp weather that messes with my joints but that cool, may need a jumper tonight weather. Yeah, I miss that!

I miss car boot sales, I adore a good ramble in a carboot field looking for unusual treasure!

I miss food like Cornish Pasties, roast dinners and cakes, oh the cakes!! Even though I can't eat the majority of it I still love to look and smell the yumminess and beg friends and family to describe the taste in detail.

I miss cider. Nothing compares to a glass of sunshine.

I miss British TV on in the background in the mornings.

I miss the smell of the British countryside, the woods and grass. Oh the grass!!

I miss the politeness of strangers.

I miss tea rooms.

I miss that classic British seaside vibe that you only get at the beach in Britain.

It's the strange, unusual things I miss, the things that most probably wouldn't give a second thought about.

What would you miss if you moved abroad?

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