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Wonderful Wednesday 35 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 35 of 2018

Hello hello hello my loves, can you believe we're half way through the week already?! Can you?! Can you believe we're in September?! 5 days in to be precise! I'm hoping the September weather is on it's way because goodness gracious me, I'm back in Barcelona and it is hoT with a capital T! Shall we get on with all of the wonderful?! *So many exclamation and question marks Peta...*

Meeting Lucy.
Whilst not strictly this week (it happened last Thursday but I like to keep you updated on allll the good bits), I FINALLY met up with the wonderful Lucy who is one of my absolute favourite people on the tinterwebs. We planned to meet up halfway between our homes in Cornwall at the Screech Owl Sanctuary. I took along Fraser who did voice his concerns regarding stranger danger, the fact that Lucy could kidnap us and take us off to Hogwarts and suggested taking along sweets to offer to see if she was a stranger. It turns out that Lucy and her lovely husband Joe are both beautiful souls and the stranger danger detector was not required. We did a book swap in the car park which did make me giggle and had a whale, or should I say owl, of a time walking around the sanctuary. If you're in Cornwall I highly recommend a visit, we found out so much about owls and loved every moment of the day out. 


My beloved camera.
For a while now I've been complaining about my poor little camera having dirt on the sensor, we took it up to Exeter and sadly the whole sensor has to be replaced. I feel like I've lost my right arm if I'm honest. I'm afraid we'll have to put up with slightly granier photos until it returns. I'm so happy it's being fixed as I've got lots of yummy recipe plans for Autumn and Winter food coming up which I'd like to photograph if the recipe testing goes well! 

Walks along the seafront.
Before I left Cornwall on Sunday we went for a walk along the seafront looking out on one of my favourite places. When I was little we used to visit Looe Island on the boat, we'd sit on the beach and I'd feel like I was in a film. Growing up I did a lot of competition sailing and we'd have races around the island, it was a huge part of my childhood and I always enjoy swapping stories with Fraser as we look out to sea. 

Cat cuddles.
Whilst I loved visiting friends and family back in Cornwall I couldn't wait to see my babies and give them the squishiest biggest cuddles. Tina is still pretty annoyed with me for leaving but she'll be friends again in a few days. Arthur is following me everywhere and I'm constantly tripping over him as he rubs against my legs! 


Gluten Free Heaven Magazine.
My little Spanish Peppers recipe is in the September issue of Gluten Free Heaven Magazine, yay!! I always get such a thrill out of seeing my recipes in print. 

Back to School.
I am back at work teaching now it's September. My Summer off seems to have flown by! I've chosen to go part-time and have mornings free to coach clients which is ever so exciting. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what this new chapter brings. 

Ombar Chocolate.
When I unpacked my suitcase on Sunday night I found a little package from Fraser, he had popped little mini bars of ombar* chocolate and buttons* into my case. It's deliciously creamy and Peta Friendly being free from dairy and refined sugar. I really enjoyed delving into the buttons with a good cup of tea last night. 

Morning Routine.
One thing that really makes me feel all kinds of wonderful is my morning routine. It's something that I find ever so difficult to stick to when I'm not at home, as it takes up about an hour and a half of time but for me it's very worth it. It's lovely to get back into a routine including plenty of tea, cat cuddles, meditation, yoga and journalling. I know it's not foro everyone but it really makes me feel grounded and much more me! 

The Greatest Showman.
I know I'm late to the game, ever so late, but holy guacamole I loved every second and I want to watch it again! Am I playing the soundtrack right now? Why yes, yes I am. It's such a lovely story with beautiful songs and wonderful characters and it gave me all the happy feels. 

We popped into Lush in Exeter and I treated myself to a shower bomb - the Koyaanisqatsi. It aims to balance and stop the world from whirling. It smells absolutely amazing and has really calmed me down in the mornings. They are supposed to last only one shower but mine has done three! 

That's my wonderful for this week my loves, I hope you're having a lovely day whenever you read this. For more wonderful please do head on over to the other mid-week happy listers, you can find them here: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's

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