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Wonderful Wednesday | #2 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday | #2 | 2017


Hello hello hello and Happy Wonderful Wednesday! I'm writing this on my Tuesday lunch break and just thinking back to last week, I can't believe the difference in how I'm feeling and where my mind is at now. I mentioned that I was battling the flu, in total I had it for 8 weeks. As well as the usual flu symptoms I felt like I just had nothing left to give. I was worn down and exhausted, and dare I say it, scared that I would never shake that feeling again. I worried that the cat lady who was always full of ideas, self motivation and get up and go was a thing of the past. Well it's not! I am back *queue a very bouncy, smily cat lady *

So what kind of wonderful has this rather low key week brought? Let's have a nosey shall we?

.: This Sunday was the first Sunday since the end of November with no plans. I jumped at the chance of spending the day doing what I usually do on a Sunday - meal prepping for the week, cleaning, planning and general pottering. It felt so good and definitely got me back in my groove. There's nothing like feeling prepared for a brand new week before it even starts!

.: The Book Shelf. In the staff room we have a book shelf, actually it's a whole cupboard bursting, quite literally, at the seams absolutely rammed with books. It's our own little library that we leave books we no longer wants and take away books we have never read. I've read so many books that I otherwise would never have picked up.

.: Brighter Days. It's still oh so very cold but the sun is out today and my what a wonderful thing that is for the soul. Everyone just seems that little bit happier.

.: The 100 Foot Journey. It's on netflix, it stars Helen Miren and if you haven't seen it, you must. A very heartwarming, lovely film.

.: Cat cuddles. I can't write a WW post without including my favourite furry friends.

.: Soup, soup, soup. Need I say more? This weather calls for all the soup eating

.: My Journal. My best friend gave me this gorgeous journal last weekend and so I've set about doodling in it, bullet journal style. I've only tackled the first few pages so far and I'm going to start using it as my planner/journal in February. YAY!

.: The Blogging Community. There seems to be so many good vibes going around at the moment, lots of support, happines, inspiration and love and, I dunno, I guess it just makes me really grateful for being a part of this amazing group of creators. All the love.


I hope you've had a wonderful week so far, if you fancy a spot more wonderful pop over to the other WW-ers : Sally TangleJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate,Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s and Isabelle

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