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Wonderful Wednesday Número 10 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 10 of 2018

Hello You, 

Happy Wonderful Wednesday, I hope you're having a lovely day so far. I'm struggling through this week a little like wading through mud when I did the cross country run in year 6...anyone else take part in that? However I just know this list of happy things of the week so far is going to pop a smile in my face, filling my heart with all the fuzziness. Let's get on with the wonderful. Can we just have a moment where we awwww over Arthur's cuteness with alllllll of the toys in the photo above? He makes me melt, he really does! 

.: Drips. 

On Sunday during the early hours of the morning I was in hospital due to a virus that affects the stomach and back, I had a high fever and felt absolutely awful. Once they popped me on a drip though, after a few hours I felt like a sparkly new human. The feeling didn't last of course, and I was rather disheartened to be feeling like I'd been hit by a bus a few hours after arriving home! The medical staff were so kind, we have some amazing people is this world, working around the clock to take care of so many of us. 

.: Lemon, hot water & honey.

My favourite remedy for anything, a little lemon juice, some hot water and honey. The doctors asked me to add a pinch of salt and bicarb. of soda for electrolytes. This steaming hot mug of deliciousness has really warmed my tummy. 


.: Albert Cat. 

Can you believe we have had two more vet emergencies since we last spoke? On Saturay Albert's tail had to be re-stitched. His wound was opened by accident after the vet removed his scab, the stitches had moved and needed to be re-done. THEN on Monday, I spoke to his vet on the phone who told me to take his cone off, as he needs to start feeling like a normal cat again. I took my eyes off him for no more than 30 seconds and someone had removed the bandage and was messing with the stitches! 30 minutes after his vet told me to take his cone off, we were back at the vets for yet another visit. 

Albert is doing really well though. He has a stronger bandage on which means he can still have cone free time when I'm at home. He's been playing lots which is so wonderful to see as up until now Albert hasn't really played at all. He races around the flat with all manner of cat toys. His favourite being a very bouncy ball - I popped a video on twitter of it here.

.: My Students.

I took Monday off work as there was no way I could go in, but yesterday I mustered up all of my energy to go in and teach four classes. I warned my students at the start of each class that I'm limited in how much I can move, due to my bad back. I also asked them not to make me laugh because laughing hurts. It really brought home how much fun we have in the class, just with the general atmosphere and banter in the class, they tried their very best not to make me laugh and helped me with tasks like giving out worksheets, writing on the board etc. I think I took on a little too much going back to work so soon, but I tend to drive myself mad being stuck at home thinking about all of the things I should be doing at work. We're nearing the end of term which is a very important time for them, so whilst I'm not 100%, they're giving more than their part to top me up. 

.: Kind Words. 

Sally, who is the mastermind behind Wonderful Wednesday tweeted about my blog and the work I do on it yesterday. It came at just the right moment - as I was very gingerly walking home after work, trying to think of what I could pop in today's post, nothing was coming to mind. I spotted I had a notification on twitter and checked it out. I got really rather emotional from her words. It also opened up the floodgates for all of the things I'm grateful for. Thank you Sally for being all that you are, you never fail to put a smile on my face each week with your beautifully written wonderful wednesday posts. No one writes about food like you do! 

I've also had lovely get well soon messages on instagram, it's amazing what a few kind words can do isn't it? I adore this community that I'm a part of online. 


I read this post on gentle productivity hacks by Sara Tasker  where she recommends burning a candle whilst you work. You can gage how much or how little your working each week by how far down you've burnt the candle. I adore the idea which has been filling my work space with a beautiful vanilla smell over the past few days as I tap away at the keyboard. 


Fresh Air. 

I was chatting about the benefits of fresh air in yesterdays post The Non-Smokers Guide To Smoking Breaks  it really does work actual miracles doesn't it? I always feel a million times better after popping outside with a cup of tea in hand. 

That's my wonderful for this week so far, I'd love to know about the wonderful things that have brightened your Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Let me know in the comments below! If you'd like some more wonderful in your life, don't forget to check out these lovely ladies:  SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl


Peta x

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