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Wonderful Wednesday #11 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #11 | 2017


We are officially half way through the week my loves, eek! AND it's April, Happy April! I'm feeling all the Spring time, new chapter vibes, I love this month as it always has me motivated to achieve more and jump out of my Winter hybernating mode. I'm jetting off back to Cornwall on Saturday, unbeknown to the furbabies, and I can't wait to spend a week with my other half and visit family and friends. I'm also going to try and chill out a bit during the week as I tend to cram in so much on my visits that I come home absolutely exhausted. NOT how I wish to start the third term, which is a very short one. Before I know it, it'll be June and we'll be winding up the school year once again, and that is just plain scary! Time seems to fly quicker the older you get, oh how I'd love to go back to the days where the 6 weeks Summer holiday felt like an eternity. When I moved to Spain at the age of 12 I couldn't believe my luck when I was told that here, Summer holidays are in fact 3 months long. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! THREE WHOLE MONTHS. It was blissful.

Anywho... let's get on with the wonderful before I go off into a Summer fun day dream of swimming, sand, sun and far too many icepops.

.: Netflix Date. Fray and I had another netflix date on Friday, as we're currently living in different countries it's so nice to watch the same tv show together every once in a while. Getting it to the right point is always a bit of a palava, I end up calling him and one of us will say ready steady go! However once we've got it together it's wonderful. We're still watching Pretty Little Liars, which in all honesty is getting a little repetitive, come on girls, SORT YOUR LIVES OUT. Stop going to dark scary places, alone, at night in a storm. #JustSaying

.: A relaxed and chilled Saturday. I spent Saturday on the sofa, with the cats editing my March vlog and writing up a few posts that I've been meaning to publish for a lil while. This vlog is by far my favourite and I feel like I'm slowly getting the hang of vlogging. Having those memories captured on film forever is the best. I've watched it back three times already and it puts a smile on my face every single time.

.: Documenting life for fun. I've stopped thinking about why I blog and create videos and where it will go in the future as I reminded myself this weekend why I started. I started because I wanted a journal to keep everything precious to me - recipes, photos, memories. I'm a very creative person and to have a place online that is solely mine is something I'm so very grateful for. I do it out of a love of documenting special moments, the mundane, the every day and capturing happiness along the way. I hope one day I can show my children this blog and my videos. I adore pouring over photographs and videos of my parents and grandparents, so I hope that love of family history will be ingrained in my offspring!

.: Saturday Night Takeaway. As in the TV show. I popped round to my mum and dad's for dinner on Saturday night and they were watching Saturday Night Takeaway, a British TV programme. Ant & Dec joined forces with Dermot and were quite literally in his ear telling him what to do in a supermarket. If you need a belly laughing moment, jusy watch this:

.: Sunday catchup. I love a good Sunday catching up with everything you needed to do in the week but didn't get round to doing. I cleaned, I yoga-ed, I did two workouts, I wrote my Motivational Monday Newsletter, I caught up with my favourite blogs and watched my faves on youtube. I even sat in the sun listening to the birds with the cats for a few hours. It was blissful and everything I needed and more.

.: Productive Mondays. I got up at 06:30 on Monday to fit in meditation, yoga, journal writing and a workout before 08:30. I find doing these things in the morning calm me. It's as if everything that makes me 'me' falls into place. My mood is lifted, a smile is popped on my face and I am ridiculously productive for the rest of the day, so I started a chain.

I read about the chain over the weekend. The idea is you cross off the day when you get whatever you wanted to do done on a wall calendar. The next day you do the same once you've completed the task. Now you have a chain, the idea is to keep the chain going and never break it. I love this notion because anything worthwhile takes a lot of work, it's all about showing up every day, adding a little more and trying your best. It's about not making excuses and continusouly checking in. Little and often is where it's at for me.

Salads. I may have said this on a previous Wonderful Wednesday but my goodness gracious me am I loving salads at the moment.

Instagram. I'm properly falling back in love with instagram at the moment. We went through a rocky patch where I pressured us into posting particular images at particular times, three times a day and no relationship can withstand that many rules. I've loosened up recently, posted what I want when I want (lots of cats) and stopped worrying about hashtags, concentrating more on creating proper connections and friendships on the platform. Is it benefiting me stats wise? I dunno.. but it's definitely making my soul happy.

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