Wonderful Wednesday #12 | 2017

Hi hi hiiiii Happy Wonderful Wednesday you beautiful, gorgeous sun beams you!! I missed last Wednesday's post because I was in Cornwall, with not a whole lot of internet access and far too many waves to watch, cups of tea to drink and fields of frolocking lambs to gaze whimsically at. (Can you gaze whimsically?! hmmm anyway, I'm even making myself sick with that fabulous little description.)

So I'm back in tapas land where the sun shines a little brighter and I have two whole weeks of wonderfulness to catch up on which has got my insides tingling with excitement. Tea is of course fuelling this post as is left over chocolate from that delicious holiday we call Easter.
I spent 10 whole days in good old Kernow, (I'm originally a Cornish girl so it will always feel a little bit like home to me) some wonderfulness from the past 12 days. YAY!
.: Tea Glorious Tea - Arriving at Bristol airport to find a new cafe has opened which offers take away tea in a cup as big as my head. It blew my mind and I proceeded to Instagram story the hell out of it.
.: Molly -  My home away from home furry friend. She's so lovely, is always up for a cuddle and gets really rather serious when food is involved.
.: More Tea - Popping in on a Sunday afternoon to my best friend's house to drink tea, bother her cats and watch Friends... we may have done exactly the same for a whole day later on in the week on Friday too. Friday's edition of this fabulous new tradition involved this insanely good avocado on toast with chorizo dish.
.: The Camel Trail - Fray and I hopped in the car and drove to Wadebridge, we rented bikes and pedalled our way to Padstow. I may or may not have gotten really rather overexcited and pedalled a little too quickly leaving Fray behind shouting "Pea, this was supposed to be a romantic couple thing, you could go a bit slower!" I may or may not have slowed down. (Spoiler: I didn't, I was having far too much fun, I'm like a little bike ninja I am!!)
.: A Garden Visit - We took the chocolate brown furry friend to Fray's Grandad's garden (that sentence was rather a mouthful wasn't it!) He has a gorgeous, slightly overgrown haven which only adds to the magic with woodland and a stream. The chocolate brown furry friend ran down the hill as soon as she saw the pond, way before we had a chance of stopping her, and launched herself in. She loved every minute, I wasn't so keen on the vigorous wet dog shaking that proceeded afterwards right at my side...ahem...
.: Tapas - As previously mentioned I live in the land of tapas, so Fray and I cooked up a tapas storm for his family last Monday night, there was Spanish omelette, tomato bread, olives, cold meats, bravas and a rainbow salad. IT WAS YUM!
.: Another failed cinema attempt - May have gone to the cinema with Fraser and our friends...may have fallen asleep YET AGAIN during the film. We watched Fast and Furious 8, what I saw of it I enjoyed, how much I saw of it I can't say however the start and end were great!
.: Mrs. Duck and her Ducklings. I spotted them as I was driving down the lane and I kinda fell in love a little bit. I'm wondering about the logistics of keeping a duck and ducklings, as well as how I'd get them back to Barcelona and you know...the small fact that I have three cats who would ADORE having that many feathered friends in the house...not in the same way I would though I'm sure.
.: Raw Dried Cacao Covered Goldenberry - These are made by Natures Heart Super Foods and they are insanely good. When you first put them in your mouth your like...oooh these taste good, and then you bite into them and the goodness just keeps on coming. I discovered these in Waitrose, they were a little pricey at 2 pounds, particularly as they were on offer but so so sooooo worth the treat!!
.: Clipper's Peppermint Tea - I've been drinking copious amounts of this immensely epic peppermint infusion. If you haven't tried it already, I'd really recommend it, particularly after dinner. It's great for calming the stomach and aiding digestion.
.: Visiting Family - I don't often see them so when I do I treasure every moment, it's lovely to catch up and see everyone and there's always that comforting feeling when I go to my grandparent's houses that although the world is scary and constantly changing, their homes stay the same and always have done. I'm not sure why that's so comforting but it really is.
.: The Cliff Top Cafe - If you're down Whitsand Bay way, you neeeeed to check out the cliff top cafe. They do lovely big cups of tea, the food is great and really rather reasonable and the view is amazing. We popped in for a cup of tea on the way to my next point and ended up heading back there for a late lunch afterwards.
.: Mount Edgecumbe - I used to visit this estate with it's endless gardens on a monthly basis with my Grandparents as a child and revisiting it after fifteen years was such a blast from the past. We wandered along the footpaths on Easter Sunday and took in alllll the nature. It was blissful.
.:Nakd Salted Caramel Fruit & Nut Nibbles. Fraser popped a box of quite a few packets in my suitcase and they really saved the day today. The first day back of the third term is always tough but it was made sooo much better with these on my break. They're sweet and yummy and there's enough in the packet to make you feel like they're a proper snack. I just wish you could buy them in Spain!!
.: Coming home to meows, leg rubs and little furry shadows - Coming home is always tough, saying goodbye to loved ones makes my heart ache but arriving home to three little balls of fluff who, surprisingly, did not seem to resent the fact I had been gone for such a long time was the best. We cuddled, they are shadowing my every move and are really very vocal. I may be a crazy cat lady, but there's nothing like getting home to a dark, quiet house to be greeted by little souls who believe you're their whole world.
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