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Wonderful Wednesday | 12th October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday | 12th October 2016


Happy Wednesday you lovely wonderful peoples. I'm in a very good mood today as it's a National holiday here in Spain, which means a day off for me! I'm going to spend it writing blog posts, catching up on my bloglovin' list, and checking off a few long term things I've got written down on the old to do list. It's been absolutely terrible weather here of late, thunderstorms followed my rainy days and barely a spot of sunshine and you know what? I've loved it so much, snuggling up whilst listening to the rain outside is one of my favourite things to do.

Talking about favourite things I think we'd better get on with this week's Wonderful Wednesday list don't you?

  1. Rainy days - getting home, lighting candles and snuggling on the sofa whilst it pours outside. Need I say more?

  2. Snuggle buddy - spending a few days with my favourite person, he flew in on Sunday night and left on Tuesday morning but those moments in between meant the world.

  3. A chocolate cake fight - healthy chocolate cake might I add. Fraser dabbed my nose with a piece of chocolate cake, I of course retaliated, the situation escalated very quickly.

  4. Podcasts - I love tuning in and listening to a podcast as I walk to work, I notice so much going on around me when I'm not looking down at my phone. My favourite one at the moment is The Unsorry podcast and Emma Ganon's CTRL ALT DELETE podcast.

  5. Raindrops on petals, adding a spot of beauty to rainy days.

  6. Sweet potato wedges - on Monday we had sweet potato wedges with a cranberry and sun dried tomato salad. It really was every kind of wonderful.

  7. The excitement of Christmas - I'm sorry, actually I'm so not. I absolutely adore Christmas with all my might, 74 days to go people, SEVENTY FOUR.

  8. The fact that tomorrow I will be celebrating 6 months of daily blogging. I can't believe I've managed it, and I'm half way there on completing my bucket list goal of a whole year of daily blogging.

  9. Green Matcha Tea Facemask - what do you need? Quite literally just green matcha tea and a tiny drop of hot water. Smear on face, it'll dry and make your face feel like you've had botox. It's awesome.

  10. Arthur cuddles last night - we may have cuddled for a while, he may have been allowed to sleep in my bed, we may possible have had a falling out regarding his obsession with my feet. He may or may not be the cuddliest cat around.

  11. Last but by no means least, the response I got on this week's vlog "How A Plant Based Diet Changed My Life" via comments, messages and emails meant so much. I shared my story of why I follow a plant based diet - your loving support and inspirational comments really cemented the feeling that if eating this way can help me, by spreading the word I may be able to help others. <3

I hope you've had a wonderful week so far, thank you ever so much for reading my list of happy things. What has made you happy this week? I'd love to know! Please do share in the comments below.

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Peta x

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