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Wonderful Wednesday #14 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #14 | 2017


My Loves, My Loves, My Loves, Hello, Hello, Hello! My goodness it's May, incase you hadn't realised...because you know, it's not like everyone is shouting about it or anything. I'm going to follow that up with the much awaited Where On Earth Is This Year Going?! Genuinely does perplex my little mind. It only feels like Christmas was yesterday, I haven't even got cracking with my New Years Resolutions. (Just remembered I resolved not to make any this year... phew!)

Another point I'd like to make, which I know everyone is also making, WHAT IS WITH THIS WEATHER?! I feel like we're going through all four seasons in a day here in Spain much like the rest of Europe. Please can we just settle on one season, I'm not bothered which, however Spring would be fab.

Glad I got those little things off my chest, shall we get on with the Wonderful? I'd just like to make sure, before you read any further, that you have in hand your favourite mug of hot yumminess, whatever that may be.

.: Kicking off with the favourite mug of yumminess theme, I've discovered yet another new tea. Loose black tea with a touch of vanilla. Oh me oh my oh me oh my. It's so good, it's warming and tasty and the perfect brew for the winter part of the day.

.: Another real firm favourite over the past few days has been lemon and sliced fresh ginger with hot water. Not sure why but I've really become quite addicted to it.

.: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. On Saturday night I headed over to my friend Adam's flat with our friend Maria. We made fajitas - by we I mean Adam. Maria was on cocktail duty and I was on entertainment duty. As in, I was their entertainment, a job roll I take very seriously might I add. Anyway, back to the story, we had fajitas, nachos and dips and then came the moment we were to pick a film on Netflix. We saw the absolute classic, retro, doesn't make any sense but oh my goodness it's the best film ever made, Rocky Horror Picture Show and we were sold. The following hour and a half was spent with Adam and I singing along to every song, acting parts out and poor Maria, who is originally from Greece, not really getting it at all. I guess it's not for everyone then...

(This is a pic of me snug as a bug in Adam's dressing gown)

.: A warm citrus lentil salad - I made it yesterday, it tasted awesome. I had it for lunch again today. I will get the recipe up at some point this week, promise!

.: Yoga with my yoga buddy, she never fails to join me and for the past week or so I've been doing mainly gentle restorative sequences which is her absolute FAVE!

.: Donkey love - I went to watch one of my student's horse ride on Saturday, there were so many beautiful horses at the stables, yet I typically fell in love with a donkey. If you've read My Bucket List you'll know that owning a donkey is on there somewhere!

.: Instagram Stories - still think they're wonderful, still get trapped in the instagram stories vortex for at least an hour every evening. Not sorry one tiny bit.

.: The April Vlog - I love having a little video of each month to look back on, April's vlog saw me in Cornwall and having those memories captured forever is so special to me.

.: An organised bookshelf - Before my book shelf had two shelves absolutely crammed with books and the others full of...well...crap to be honest and a few nicknacks I could never part with. On my lunch break the other day, whilst procrastinating about one thing or another I decided to give the shelves a good old organise. Anything to avoid whatever it was I was putting off. I'm really rather pleased with the outcome!

That's all the wonderful I have for you this week my dears. Actually, that's not true, I'm sure I could think up a whooooole lot more but I'm running against the clock here... Have a bloody Wonderful Wednesday and please do check out these other lovely WW-ers who always make my week. Sally TangleJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate,Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s , Isabelle and Emma.


May the wonderful be with you.

Peta xx

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