Wonderful Wednesday #15 | 2017
Happy Wonderful Wednesday friends! I hope you're having a lovely week, the weather seems to be taking us nicely into Spring here. Has the sun got his hat on where you are? I love writing this happiness list each week. It makes me pause and take stock of the little things that I'm grateful for - as well as the big things of course! I find myself thinking of what I'm going to include in this post all day on a Tuesday and it never fails to put a smile on my face. I think we'd better get our skates on and take a look at the wonderful so far this week...
New Hair Products - I treated myself to the new L'Oreal Botanicals range and it's AMAZING. Yes it was expensive, no I've never spent so much on hair products in one go but it feels so luxurious and soft. My hair has this swishy, shiny bounce to it which is the best feeling ever. I may or may not be swooshing it all over the place and doing the odd shoulder flick here and there. 
Homemade Granola - oh my goodness gracious me, it tastes like every kind of wonderful and I'm obsessed. Recipe here.
The Treat BoxI created a Pick Me Up box at work - it's filled with all the essentials: chocolate bars, mints, chewing gum, tea and coffee for when you need a "pick me up". It's been handy having a little treat every now and then. My fellow teachers have been adding to it when they have something too, so there's a variety of yumminess in the box.
My Favourite Person - My other half flew in on Monday night. He's home until tomorrow when he flies back to the UK to pick up his Granddad and fly back with him on Friday! It's going to be a busy weekend for us showing his Granddad Barcelona. We visited the Sagrada Familia a while back, and sent his Granddad a postcard of the cathedral. Since then he has been adamant he'd like to see it in person. We'll be spending a few hours on Saturday admiring the incredible architecture.
Treats - Along with a suitcase jam packed full of my clothes (I couldn't fit them into my own case last time I was in England - he's a gem for bringing it all over!). Fray also arrived with a bag of treats - simple face products, Nakd nibbles and carmex lipbalm. Yay!
Albert Cat - A little friend I've kept quiet about over the past few months. When Arthur Cat decided against my wishes that he was to live with me at a few months old, there was an identical kitten to him that would come calling. He had a very particular meow, I used to go out to find the kitten only to see it run away. As the weeks turned into months the kitten began visiting less and less until I'd spot him once or twice every few months. Recently, that kitten is now a full grown adult cat and still has his very particular meow. For a while now he has set up camp on my patio, waits for his brother every day and plays the hours away under the trees. He never moves and I realised a couple of weeks ago that he was getting quite thin, I started to feed him and let's just say... I seem to have acquired a fourth cat. Eek! The absolute last thing I need right now! We're still getting used to each other, he let me stroke him on Monday which is a big step forward... we'll take it slowly and see how things go...
Dove Cashmere Hand cream - Oh my goodness, this is my new favourite thing at the moment. I love hand cream and that feeling when one smells as good as this one and makes your hands silky soft. I can't stop smelling my hands at work... I probably look like a bit of a lunatic!! 
New Candle - I have a new candle, it smells like freshly washed linen. Need I say more?! 
Sort Out - I spent the weekend having a bloody good sort out and organise. Two years ago I used the Marie Kondo technique during my Easter holidays. It took the full 14 days to do but since then my home has been tidy and clutter free. Every six months or so I notice a little sort out is needed, the wardrobe requires a bit of organising and the bowls filled with crap need to be gone through. I also managed to clean the car, ready for it's MOT...which erm... it didn't pass. (Rolls eyes)
Bicycle - Always the optimist, I've found a good thing about the car not passing it's MOT, and that is riding my bicycle to work. The car should be back on the road in a few days, but I must say I think I'll be frequenting my bicycle usage to transport me to and from work a lot more now that the days are getting longer
Well, that turned into quite the list didn't it! If you'd like to read a spot more wonderful then please hop on over to these lovely gals who have their own Wonderful Wednesday lists: 
Until next time!
Peta x