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Wonderful Wednesday Número 15 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 15 of 2018

Hello hello, I would say Good Morning, but I am, in fact, writing this at lunchtime on Wednesday - not quite my organised Wonderful Wednesday self! What can I say? Sleep definitely took priority last night and this morning. I've cleaned the flat from top to bottom, even building the fire for when I get home tonight. It's not reaaaaally cold enough to light it anymore, but I'm clinging onto all of the fluffy blankets, toasty toes thanks to my beloved hot water bottle and huge cups of tea. Soon it will be Summer, and I will be pining for the colder months like there is no tomorrow! 

I'm more of a cooler months lover, hard to believe considering I live in Barcelona, but the British person in me just can't stand the scorching heat and humidity the Summer months bring. I scurry from one patch of shade to the next, slathered in suncream, on occasion lying flat out on he cold tiled floor in just my underwear, hair plastered to my sweaty forehead, wishing that the cold water coming out of the tap was in fact cold and not luke warm. There's a mental picture you definitely don't want to remember ever again. BUT, we still have a few months to go before that time arrives, so on that note, let's delve into the wonderful world of wonderful wednesdays. 


Book Grief

Have you ever experienced this? I finished Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine on Sunday, it is now Wednesday and the storyline and characters are still clinging to me. A part of me wants to find out what happens to Eleanor next, another part of me is content creating a story of my own for her, and another part of me just wants to stop thinking about it. By far, one of the best books I have ever read, I loved it from start to finish. 

Easter Holiday Loveliness

I returned home on Sunday night and edited a little video of my time in Cornwall spent visiting friends and family, going on long walks and drinking copious amounts of tea. I really like having little videos to look back on, snippets of memories which make up a bigger puzzle which only I know all of the ins and outs of. 


I'm a comfort food lover, and this curry is by far one of my favourites. Soft sweet potato, fresh ginger, carrots, coconut milk...ooooh need I say more?!




I was a little downhearted to be returning home and leaving Fraser back in Cornwall on Sunday, but I got the loveliest welcome home from my four very furry munchkins. Katie has been stuck to me like glue, and everyone has been sleeping in the bed with me... I think I need a bigger bed.

Spring Colours 

Lilac and fushia, dusted orange pollen, delicate yellow petals flickering in the breeze, it's such a beautiful time of year for colours isn't it? The garden is absolutely full of all the colours of the rainbow. This morning Arthur Cat and I went for a little walk with a cup of tea to take it all in, the morning sunshine gently warming my face. 

Longer Days

When I left work last night, it was still light! Only just, but oh my goodness, the difference it made in my mood was incredbile. That's one thing I absolutely love about the Spring and Summer months, the longer days. 

That's my wonderful for this week so far, I have to admit it's not  been one of those "Flow from my head onto the page" kind of wonderful Wednesdays, getting back into the swing of things is proving tough this time, but just taking a little time to think about the lovely moments in my life so far this week, has really lifted my spirits and popped a smile on my face.

I'm off to catch up with the other Wonderful Wednesday-ers.

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Sending lots of love, tea and cat cuddles your way,

Peta & The Four Munchkins

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