Wonderful Wednesday 15 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 15 of 2019

Happy Wonderful Wednesday my loves, I hope you're having a lovely week. I'm lying on the sofa with Katie Cat proudly splayed out on my tummy. She's actually been in trouble for jumping on and off me in a very heavy footed manner, this only made her do it all the more. Katie Cat is a diva. Shall we get on with the wonderful? 


Beach Dinner.

Our beach dinner last Thursday was delightful. I made us a risotto and popped it in thermal lunchboxes. It was so lovely to eat dinner with such a bloomin' gorgeous view.

Mirror Words.

This week I'm challenging anyone who wishes to take part, to write a word a day on their mirror. Each one should complete the sentence "I am..." and be a positive reflection on themselves. I've also been taking part and love seeing the words on the mirror each morning.

Baby Sunflowers.

2 weeks ago I planted some sunflower seeds and I can't believe how many have popped up! I'm going to be spending lots of time replanting them into their own little pots this weekend! 


Tea Loaf.

This totally didn't go to plan due to a broken oven but goodness, gracious me, it's so yummy, and such a comforting thing to nibble on with a cup of tea! You can find the recipe for it here

Cat Snuggles & early nights. 


I've been prioritising rest this week due to painful joints and an EDS flare up. This has meant extra cat cuddles and early nihts. I feel so lucky that I'm able to just take myself off to bed at 8pm. Even luckier that I have my best friend here to dry my hair for me when I can't lift the hairdryer, and more importantly, fill the kettle for me when lifting it is too much. Things have changed since we started living together, I find that tough days are so much more comfortable and manageable for me now. I spend my spoons of energy a little more wisely too, knowing that he's got my back. 

That's my wonderful for this week my loves, I hope you're having such a lovely Wednesday and that this little list gives you a gentle nudge to think about the little things that have brought you joy this week. 


Cat Mum & The Bears x