Wonderful Wednesday #16 | 2017

Hello hello hello hello! Oh my goodness I feel like I'm flying through the supermarket doors just before they close, with one of those very apologetic looks on my face. I usually have my Wonderful Wednesday posts written by Tuesday evening and raring to go. This week however has been MANIC, so I am sitting down to write this in the middle of my lunch break. I could have skipped a week, however I think the crazy busy weeks are those we really need to find a moment to stop and take stock of all that we are grateful for. It's so easy to just keep going, never pausing for a breather. .: A weekend in the city. Fray's Grandfather and Great Uncle came to visit Barcelona last weekend. Their main aim for their trip was to see The Sagrada Familia, we went up one of the towers and the view from the top was incredible. We even managed to go on a pub crawl on Saturday night. NEVER underestimate the over 80 year olds, my goodness can they drink! Hehe!!

.: My little bicycle. My car is now fixed and has passed it's MOT for another year, Hooray! Even though the car is in full working order, I've really grown quite fond of riding my mountain bike to work. The extra cardio definitely does me the world of good. It's better for the purse strings, better for the environment and better for my health! Whoop!

.:  Katie Cat. How could I not include my little yoga buddy in this list?! She always shows up for yoga practice no matter what.

.: Nakd yumminess. My other half arrived with a suitcase full of Nakd nibbles and bars. I couldn't believe my eyes! He's so kind and thoughtful. We can't get them where I live and I absolutely ADORE them. I have quite the selection of flavours to try, so I'll keep you updated on my faves.

.: New Specs. I got new glasses eeeeeee!!! I've needed new glasses for a year now but just couldn't find a pair I was 100% happy with. I need to wear glasses all day, and they have to be comfortable or else I take them off without realising and end up with terrible headaces. I love these, they're super light weight and very comfortable.


That's all for the happy list this week, I'm off back to work with a hop, skip and a jump! If you fancy a little more Wonderful-ness please do go and check out the other lovely writers who take part each week: Sally TangleJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate,Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s , Isabelle and Emma.