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Wonderful Wednesday Número 17 Of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 17 Of 2018

Hello hello and happy Wonderful Wednesday. The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting their favourite song, and the flowers are all bobbing about in the Spring breeze. Oh Spring, welcome back! We've missed you after you made a quick appearance and swiftly disappeared for a while!

I hope you're prepared with tea and something yummy to nibble on, if possible, fluffy socks are optimum Wonderful Wednesday reading attire. I have mine on for scribbling the best bits of the week so far ;) ... with a hop and a skip lets get on with the wonderful.

.: A Hospital Check-Up.

Back in October I booked an appointment to see my doctor regarding a lump in my breast. More than anything I just wanted it to be checked out, as the tumours in my body tend to be very small or disappear completely when my animal protein intake is low, however this one seemed to be growing and was a little tender and sore to touch. Roll on January and I finally got to see my doctor. He wasn't overly worried considering my medical history of lumps and bumps due to having EDS but opted for a scan to be on the safe side.

Yesterday I had the scan and the doctor was ever so lovely. It was a doctor I had seen before and he talked me through the whole thing, what he could see and what it all meant. The lump I could feel is a cyst like tumour, it's no where near as big as it wasn't and doesn't hurt to touch anymore. My lymph nodes are very swollen but all of this seems to be down to EDS and just forms part of me now. It was such a relief when he said "Peta, in all honesty I don't think there's anything to worry about, I'll send the results to your other doctor for a second opinion just in case." The relief I felt when I left the hospital washed over me in absolute waves. I hadn't realised how much a possible stint back in hospital had been playing on my mind.



My Not So Perfect Life

Oh my gooooodnessss my loves! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this read. I completely and utterly devoured it in no time at all. It was fun, relatable and made me laugh out loud so many times. I couldn't put it down and found the very modern day story line something I couldn't help but nod along to! Here's a link to it on Amazon - it's currently on offer at the moment. This link is an affiliate link - find out more about affiliate links here.


Turmeric Lattes

Sounds posh...it's really not. Just hot milk, heated in the microwave with a tsp of turmeric and a gloop of runny honey. It's comforting, warming and oh so very delicious. Not to mention really rather good for the immune system! If you do give it a go, make sure you pop a tiny pinch of black pepper in - this will activate the super power properties of the turmeric.



I know I chat about them every week but I am rather addicted to them! I'm really into Giovanna Fletcher's podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby - even though I don't have a baby, nor do I think I'll have one any time soon. I also love Jen Carrington's podcast Make it happen and caught up with a few of her recent episodes this week. I've got Fearne Cotton's lined up and ready to go, but haven't had a chance to have a listen yet. Are there any recommendations you've got to fill my ears with joy?


Happy Music

Upbeat music never fails to pop a huge smile on my feet, I often end up dancing around. On Sunday night I popped on the Glee soundtrack as I cleaned, whilst bellowing out alllllll of my faves. IT WAS EVERY KIND OF BLOOMIN' WONDERFUL!


Britains Got Talent

It's one of my favourite shows ever, so on Saturday night I headed to my parent's to install myself on their sofa and tune into the show. (They stream UK TV) Ahhh it gets me every time it really does, I was in floods of tears watching the incredible magician!


Rice Cakes with Dark Chocolate

I found some Pe-ta Friendly rice cakes topped with delicious dark chocolate in my local supermarket this week - they are the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up...although the packet most definitely shouldn't be left with me. I will eat them all up without a second thought...can anyone else not be trusted with yummy food, or is it just me?


What I Want

Last week I had that Monday feeling...but it lasted alllll week long. I just couldn't seem to shake it. Then I remembered a quote I'd seen somewhere, I think it was in one of my student's books. It went something like - The first step to reaching your dreams is knowing what your dreams are. It got me thinking about what I want out of life and inspired me to jot down some ideas in this post.

The Tail Of Mr Mouse

On Sunday morning I spent the whole morning making a silly little documentary for the weekend hashtag project on Instagram. The theme was pets and the hashtag was Wild Thing. I had so much fun making this little short documentary and it made quite a few people giggle - which was my absolute aim! I thought I'd pop it here, in the hopes it will make you smile too.

An Exciting Project

I've been asked to work on a very cool project in a couple of weeks time and I'm so bloomin' excited. It's to create a vlog style short film for a promotional video of a local company. Yay!


That’s all the wonderful  I have for this week my loves. Thank you so much for reading along, i’d love to catch up with you and hear about the good parts of your week so far - leave a comment below! 


Peta & The Bears  

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Curiosity - Do we need to be more curious?

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