Wonderful Wednesday | 19th October 2016

Oh life you are a funny thing aren't you. On Monday evening I realised that I couldn't access my wordpress dashboard to publish Tuesday's post. I got in touch with my hosting company who said that it was a problem that all of their wordpress users were currently facing and they were fixing it ASAP. I called again yesterday afternoon and they promised it would be sorted by the evening. It wasn't. I began to panic about Wonderful Wednesday. I desperately didn't want to miss one!

Then I told myself that surely the blog would be working by tomorrow morning (today). I woke up - it wasn't. So I decided the only thing to do, apart from admitting defeat, was to find another way of creating some Wonderful Wednesday loveliness. Early this morning I filmed a little Youtube video, edited it, uploaded it, waited for it to process and pressed publish. All the while checking the blog to see if I could access the dashboard.

Within 30 minutes of the video going live the blog was back up and running perfectly.

Cheers universe you fabulous wonderful thing you! GAHHHHHH!

Here my lovelies, is this week's Wonderful Wednesday in video form. Enjoy!

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Peta x