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Wonderful Wednesday 2 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 2 of 2019

Good morning my loves, I’ve just realised it’s Wednesday and my initial reaction was it’s okay! I can tip tap up alllll the wonderful when I get home from work, and then alllllll off the wonderful that I wanted to tell you about bombarded my brain and here we are, ten minutes before I need to leave for work. Luckily I have a chaffeur today (Cat Dad needs the car) so I shall continue tip tapping on our journey to work. (I ran out of time!) How the devil are you all? I’m feeling rather wonderful so let’s delve right into the why!


I do love routine, I really like waking up at 6am and having two hours to slowly get ready, eat breakfast, stretch and catch up with the world. Some days I don’t need two hours, but most days with my joints, I really do. I’ve never been a fan of rushing out of the house bleary eyed, when that happens I feel like I’m catching up with myself for the rest of the day, so I always give myself plenty of time in the mornings. It does mean early nights but that’s totally fine by me!

Hand Warmers.
Specifically these ones, they are reusable and I have them in my pockets every morning on the school gate. I also may have a hot water bottle in the car with me each morning. I just can’t do cold and right now it’s -2’c here, yep! It still gets cold in Barcelona.

Boris The Hoover.
For Christmas, as I maaaaay have mentioned I got a new cordless hoover which I’m in actual love with. If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, you’ll know cleaning is my go to mind clearing activity. It makes me feel all kinds of wonderful and leaves the house looking pretty good too! As my new hoover doesn’t have a little hose nozzle to do places like Catopia (the cat’s kingdom) or the sofa, I used the money I was given for Christmas on a fabulous hand hoover who I have named Boris. My goodness has Boris got the hoover moves! Cat Dad said he’s never seen someone get so excited about something like a new hoover. 🙈. This is the big hoover I got for Christmas Horace . This is the small handheld hoover Boris.

Blog catch ups.  

On Monday I spent the day sorting out my inbox and catching up with the online world. Over Christmas I didn’t really get online all too much, it was lovely to have that break and equally lovely to catch up with my online favourites again. 💕 

Pretty Sunsets  

There’s something so wonderful about the sky painted hues of pink and purple, red and orange. I always feel like I have to pause for a moment and drink it all in. The colours, the light, the birds singing their goodnight song. Bliss.


Goodness me did we do a lot of gardening at the weekend! It’s one of my favourite things to do when I have time off. I love being outdoors and feeling like I’m really accomplishing something.

Thats all my wonderful for today my loves. The above product links are affiliate links, for more info on how I use affiliate links please read this page  I hope you have a bloomin’ wonderful rest of your week. For more Wonderful Wednesday-ness, pop on over to these lovely humans: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's

Love and cat cuddles,  

Peta x


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