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Wonderful Wednesday #20 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #20 | 2017


Hello my lovely friends, how are you today? My goodness it's a scorcher once again isn't it?! We've had highs of 44'c here in Barcelona, which have required plenty of cold showers, lots of ice in drinks and a few siestas this week. The heat can really be quite debilitating, which is why I'll whole heartedly throw myself into the Spanish way of waking up early, having a two hour nap during the hottest part of the day and staying up until late. I get so much more done during the cooler hours of the day! I've been all consumed over the past few months with my day job, the end of the school year for teachers is a tough one. We've had shows, exams to mark, reports to write and Adam and I have had a secret party to throw, which went down and absolute treat at the weekend. I have a feeling most of this happy list will feature the End of Year Soirée or Party Of A Lifetime... If you need a party planned, call us, we are your people... not to sound big headed of anything. Shall we get on with the wonderful?

Last week I pulled a few very late nights with my partner in crime to get this party off the ground. We had high expectations and our plan of turning the school into a multi-room party venue was slightly ambitious to say the least.

On Friday we went to the cash and carry to buy supplies, we were in our element.

Keeping the venue a secret was tough, on Friday we waiting until all of the teachers had left and started to de-school the school. We took all of the cork boards down in the classrooms. Moved the desks and chairs into empty classrooms along with the folders and classroom supplies. We then headed to my flat to cook up a storm and proceeded to drink copious amounts of cava. (Not our best idea)

On Saturday we were up bright and early, and loaded the car up with the food, party decorations and even tied a huge stage onto the roof of my poor 21 year old ford fiesta. We set about decorating the classrooms according to our themes:

Reception: Red Carpet Entrance

Ground Floor Classroom: Disco / Buffet Room

1st Floor Classroom 1: Photobooth

We found plenty of free printable photobooth props on pinterest which we cut out and laminated.

1st Floor Classroom 2: Games Room

1st Floor Bathroom: Drinks Cooler (Yep! We filled the bath with ice and drinks!)

2nd Floor Classroom 1: Karaoke Room

3rd Floor Classroom 1: Awards Ceremony Room

Stairs: The Stairs Of Fame : Each stair had a Hollywood style star on with a member of staff's name.

It was pure craziness, and there did come a point where we thought we wouldn't manage it all but we did. We ran back to Adam's flat to get ready in just twenty minutes and headed back to the school ready for everyone to arrive.

The Staff had been told to meet us in front of the school so that we could all walk to the "restaurant" together. They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what we had done. Having a place that was local to everyone and that each person could do exactly as they wished was really important to us. We had an absolute blast and partied until 4am!

People who would usually be quiet and leave early spent the majority of their time on the stage singing karaoke! Their were plenty of bathroom conversations to be had in the drinks bathroom and the spin the bottle went down a treat. Having the party somewhere where noone other than friends and collegues could see us meant that everyone was truly their selves and were able to relax and have a great time without feeling judged and watched.

The clean up on Sunday was nearly as much fun! A group of us got together and spent the day reminiscing about the night before as we cleaned.

In other news this week, my Arthur Bear has stayed extra close, wanting to be by my side wherever I am.

Albert cat is getting much friendlier and has been booked in to be castrated at the beginning of July so that he can become an indoors cat. Poor little dude!

I also finally managed to edit and upload my May vlog this morning, phew! It's a short one but I love the memories it brings back. <3

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