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Wonderful Wednesday 20 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 20 of 2019

Happy happy happy Wonderful Wednesday my dears. How are you doing? I hope the sun is shining where you are and you have a cup of tea to hand as you read today’s post. If not, don’t worry, we can wait!

Gosh what a week it’s been, I went on an over night residential school trip with years one and two last Thursday and I think I’m only just about recovered now! I spent pretty much the whole weekend at home, cat cuddles galore of course, but more on that in a moment.

Highlights of the trip were a child saying they had totally forgotten how to sleep. Telling a story I had written for the children about a Fairy-Elf and the children being convinced it was bed time at 4pm. I have never stuffed so many sleeping bags back into cases, packed, re-packed and some how re-packed AGAIN the same cases and laughed so much tears streamed down my face and my tummy ached. What an incredible, very nerve wracking, fun, terrifying 35 hours!

At the weekend we’re rather active, we go rowing and Zumba and usually on some kind of walk or bike ride but this weekend I was totally and utterly exhausted. Most likely from the lack of sleep and constant worrying a school trip brings. Instead, we wandered around the garden centre and then watched the last episode of New Amsterdam, which quite frankly I was lost for words for and would love to speak to anyone who has watched it to discuss!

We then started Dead To Me on Netflix. After two episodes I wasn’t totally sold, it seemed weird and I vowed to stop watching, but as I was doing the ironing I found myself wanting to know more about the characters, more about how the story unfolds, and now we are totally gripped and watch a few episodes every evening.

We had a bed picnic on Sunday for lunch whilst watching Dead To Me, it felt good putting rest first, and I spent a lot of time reading and lying on the bed cuddling the bears. Katie has started a very cute thing of being a scarf each night. In the morning one of us wakes up with Katie wrapped around our neck, she’s so gentle and light footed that you don’t feel it happen at the time. Rather than feeling claustrophobic it’s the snuggliest, fluffiest, warmest little hug you ever could wake up to.

Ebook writing has begun! I’m popping everything I know on the subject of finding your happy place with food, your body, life and yourself. How to achieve a neutral outlook on food and appreciate the little things that make you you, to embracing a Nourishing Soulfully Lifestyle. It'll all be in there and every time I sit down to write I find the words just flow out of my fingers and onto the screen. What a wonderful feeling! 

I submitted my tax return and was totally surprised to find I have a tax rebate coming my way, eeeeeek! I was positive I'd have to pay money this year, but nope! So I am a very very happy Cat Mum! 

I'm writing this on Tuesday evening, just before I go to pick Cat Dad up - we're off to Taco Tuesday, it's the last all you can eat and drink night that is happening at a very cool southern Californian restaurant in town. Cat dad is excited about all you can eat tacos, I'm excited about nachos! 

I had better be on my way, sending lots of love your way and plenty of cat cuddles too. 


Cat Mum x  


Wonderful Wednesday 21 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 21 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 19 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 19 of 2019